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EVO:RAIL creates buzz after release at VMworld 2014

VMworld 2014 started off with EVO:RAIL, the company's hyper-converged infrastructure. The release caused constant chatter on social media.

It's no surprise VMware wanted to start off VMworld 2014 with a bang and it created quite abuzz for IT pros on Twitter with EVO:RAIL.

EVO:RAIL, formerly known as MARVIN and Mystic is a hyper converged infrastructure that IT pros formed strong opinions on immediately.

Dell, one of VMware's partners on EVO:RAIL, released a video detailing the hyper-converged infrastructure offering. The video is narrated by Dave Shanley, the lead engineer on EVO:RAIL. In the video, Shanley gives a guided tour through the product experience.

One change that has users pleased is HTML5’s inclusion. Users don't need to worry about plug-ins and are no longer required to have flash. Now the user interface works on any device.  

VMware didn't dive into the hardware market as its using vendors with EVO:RAIL.  The picture above shows that Dell, EMC, Inspur, Fujitsu, NetOne and SuperMicro are the partners that are working with VMware on EVO:RAIL. But there was one name that was missing that quickly caught users' attention: HP. However, Epping tweeted back saying that the EVO:RAIL team is working with other OEMs and there will be more announced in the near future.

Nutanix has been a main player in the hyper-converged game for some time but now VMware is involved with EVO:RAIL. VMware's new release had some people wondering what that means for mutual partners and how the two compare and contrast.

VMware also mentioned EVO:RACK,  a hyper-converged infrastructure project that will help how users buy, deploy and operate software-defined data centers.

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