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VMware vSphere Fault Tolerance gets a makeover

Users left wanting to know more about vSphere 6.0 after day one of VMworld. Their wishes were granted on day two when VMware introduced new features in its latest suite of virtualization products.

Day two of VMworld 2014 started on a positive note for those looking for more regarding vSphere 6.0. VMware introduced some intriguing new perks for the latest version of vSphere, including Cross vCenter vMotion and Fault Tolerance for multi-processor virtual machines.

It was welcome news for those in attendance in San Francisco  as both new features had been high on users' wish lists with vSphere 6.0, which is still in beta.

Moving a virtual machine cross country can now happen with just a single click. It seems like a good option if something bad happens in your environment, right? Well, as VMware's Duncan Epping points out, Cross vCenter vMotion is not a disaster recovery option but disaster avoidance. Other possible scenarios to use it would be permanent migration or if you're moving into vCloud Air.

The word 'finally' might not have been trending but it was definitely included in many tweets when the news broke Fault Tolerance would support up to four vCPUs. Support for four vCPUs means over 90% of your applications will be covered.

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