VMware NSX pop quiz: Do you know NSX's network virtualization features?

Test your knowledge of VMware NSX, which evolved rapidly out of VMware's homegrown and acquired network virtualization technologies.

Whether you call it VMware NSX, vCloud Networking and Security or vShield, VMware network virtualization promises to be an important component of highly virtualized vSphere environments in the near future.

You might know VMware's server virtualization technologies inside and out, but the company is charging ahead with network virtualization in NSX, rapidly developing and acquiring technologies to apply software-layer abstraction to networking. Alongside server virtualization, network virtualization enables VMware's software-defined data center, wherein resources are pooled and controlled by software, eliminating manual tasks and errors.

This trend toward logical networking units pushes server administrators to familiarize themselves with advanced networking concepts and to understand where virtual network technologies fit into the network. Network administrators, in turn, must accept that their role involves software management, not just controlling hardware; visibility into the network has changed. Test how well you understand VMware NSX network virtualization technology with this pop quiz.

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