VMware terminology quiz: Do you speak virtualization?

Thought you left vocab quizzes back in the classroom? See if you've grasped the VMware and virtualization lingo by taking our definitions quiz.

Can you explain VMware Workstation to your college buddies? How about to your coworkers? We've compiled a VMware terminology quiz for IT pros to gauge how virtualization-savvy they are.  

Even if your virtualization environment is small or you haven't ventured beyond server virtualization, a solid knowledge of VMware terms will help you determine the usefulness of technologies in the marketplace. Understanding VMware and virtualization terminology can also help everyone in your IT shop communicate effectively about their disparate projects and describe these initiatives to clients.

Match the correct definition to each VMware-related term or VMware product in the quiz to prove your virtualization lexicon. See which member of your IT team has the best VMware vocab.

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