Microsoft Windows MultiPoint Services Role

Windows MultiPoint Services role is a role in Windows Server 2016 that allows multiple users to share a single computer while having their own Windows experience. The previous cap of 20 simultaneous sessions has been removed.

The MultiPoint Services Role replaces MultiPoint Server and can be installed by using the Add Roles and Features Wizard in Server Manager, selecting role-based or feature-based installation and choosing MultiPoint Services role. It does not require Remote Desktop Broker or Remote Desktop Gateway roles, but other necessary roles like Remote Desktop Session Host and Desktop Experience will be installed as well. It is ideal for situations where the server and the end-user access device are in close proximity or connected via LAN.

The MultiPoint Dashboard, which is unique to the MultiPoint Services role, allows an admin to see what each workstation sees and restrict application and Internet usage. In an educational setting, there is also the ability to lock out student input for a period during a work session or to take control of a session.

This was last updated in April 2015

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