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Blueprint for IT sustainability: Insights from top experts

Leading experts share insights on sustainable IT, covering green cloud computing, ESG compliance and innovative practices for reducing the ecological footprint in IT.

In an era where digital innovation and environmental sustainability are increasingly entwined, businesses must balance accelerating their digitization initiatives with minimizing their ecological footprint. The digital revolution, while driving unprecedented growth and innovation, has also contributed significantly to global carbon emissions, energy consumption and e-waste.

Recognizing the urgent need to address these challenges, BrightTALK's latest summit, Achieving IT Sustainability Goals, brought together leading minds in tech, business and sustainability to share insights on the latest strategies to integrate sustainability into the fabric of IT operations and drive a green IT culture.

Laying the foundation for sustainable IT

Kicking off the discussions with his presentation, "Enabling the Foundation of IT Sustainability," Vincent Amanyi, founder of Boleaum Inc., stressed the role of policies and benchmarking in creating sustainable IT frameworks. He emphasized the importance of actionable and measurable policies, alongside comprehensive benchmarking, to drive sustainability efforts. "Anything you can benchmark, you can measure," he posited, arguing that IoT and data analytics have a critical role to play in enhancing sustainability through monitoring and managing environmental impacts.

Watch Amanyi's full presentation to discover his approach to embedding sustainability in IT operations, and to implementing actionable policies and tech to revolutionize sustainability in IT.

Enabling the Foundation of IT Sustainability

Sustainable practices in the heart of Las Vegas

Ralph Villanueva, IT security and compliance analyst at Hilton Grand Vacations, took us to the heart of Las Vegas, showcasing how a city known for its bright lights and high energy consumption is leading the charge in environmental sustainability. In his presentation, "Going Green in the Desert: Lessons From ESG Initiatives in Las Vegas," Villanueva pointed out that "Las Vegas is an unlikely hero in the sustainability narrative, yet here we are, leading by example." He shared how hospitality and entertainment companies in Las Vegas are leveraging cutting-edge technology to optimize their resource allocation strategies across energy, waste management and water.

Check out Villanueva's full presentation to discover how technology and green initiatives can coalesce to create impactful environmental change.

Harnessing data for ESG compliance

Szilvia Andriasik, compliance and integrity officer and consultant, brought clarity and direction to the often murky waters of ESG compliance. Her presentation, "Harness Big Data and Business Intelligence to Assess ESG Risk," provided clarity for organizations navigating the complexities of ESG standards. "In the world of ESG, data is your most valuable ally," Andriasik explained, showcasing how leveraging technology can transform ESG compliance from a daunting task into a strategic advantage. Her walk-through of a digital tool she created for ESG reporting highlighted how critical data management and analytics are in achieving compliance and driving sustainability goals.

Watch Andriasik's full presentation to explore the role of data in ESG compliance and discover how to leverage business analytics tools to propel your organization to the forefront of ESG compliance.

Greening the cloud

In her presentation, "Greening the Cloud: Strategies for Eco-Friendly IT," Selma Ben Rajeb, senior manager in technology and advisory at Accenture, challenged the belief that cloud computing naturally leads to environmental benefits. She emphasized the importance of a strategic approach to cloud migration and utilization for environmental benefits, arguing that "the cloud holds immense potential for sustainability, but it requires a conscious strategy to unlock its green benefits." Through her discussion on selecting green cloud providers and implementing sustainable IT practices, she outlined how organizations could reduce their carbon footprint effectively, offering a roadmap for eco-friendly cloud migration and management.

Ben Rajeb's full presentation is a must-see for IT professionals and decision-makers looking to align their cloud strategies with sustainability goals.


Each of the thought leaders at BrightTALK's virtual summit on Achieving IT Sustainability Goals presented unique perspectives on how to integrate sustainability into IT strategies. From transforming Las Vegas into a green oasis to harnessing data for ESG compliance, and redefining cloud computing with sustainability in mind, the event provided a blueprint for action, packed with insights, strategies and inspiration for anyone looking to make a difference in the IT landscape. Head to the event site to access all the event presentations.

Ana Salom-Boira is an editorial manager within TechTarget's Editorial Summits team. She also produces and hosts the podcast series Tech Beyond the Hype, which explores how emerging technologies and the latest business trends are shaping the future of work.

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