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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

  • Virsto upgrades storage management software for Microsoft Hyper-V
    Virsto Software adds deeper integration with Microsoft apps for Virsto One storage management software to manage Hyper-V environments; VMware support remains a roadmap item.
  • Data center interconnect using VPLS
    Virtual private LAN services offer an alternative to traditional WAN links and solve enterprise data center interconnect problems. VPLS also opens the door to new data center network management strategies.
  • China-based IMDDOS botnet offers DDoS services for hire
    Researchers at Damballa Inc. have discovered one of the largest active global botnets, which can rented out to flood domains with unwanted traffic.
  • Microsoft addresses Stuxnet related printing flaw
    A critical printer sharing vulnerability is related to the Stuxnet malware, which was discovered targeting industrial control systems and other enterprises.
  • JavaOne 2010 SOA news
    In San Francisco at JavaOne in 2010, vendors, press and users alike will closely inspect Oracle and other companies' SOA wares from middleware to databases, development tools to new standards, and legacy modernization to brand new platforms.
  • Oracle extends 11g line with GoldenGate, Data Integrator updates
    Data Integrator Enterprise Edition 11 g improves support from development through management by providing integration with Oracle JDeveloper and Oracle Enterprise Manager as well as including a design environment that incorporates GoldenGate 11g's log management capabilities for real-time data warehousing solutions.
  • New day for Java as Oracle World approaches
    Like all the others, Oracle began its life as a technology upstart, but it has always had a reputation for a stiletto-like focus on the business side. It has parlayed its relational database into a vast business, which grew considerably in recent years as it scooped up a host of would-be enterprise applications competitors.
  • RedHat's Java platform for cloud
    Platform-as-a-service (PaaS) offerings like Google Apps or Windows Azure may soon contend with a new open source competitor. Red Hat has revealed plans to release a PaaS offering that will extend their JBoss Open Choice portfolio. The PaaS offering is designed to allow programmers to build with Java EE, Spring and POJO, as well as a variety of other programming models, APIs and languages including Groovy and Ruby.
  • Hacking methodology – Chapter 4 of "Hacking for Dummies"
    Find the steps for successful security testing and learn to scan your Windows network for vulnerabilities in this chapter excerpt from "Hacking for Dummies, 3rd Edition."
  • Distributed agile: Fostering development collaboration without collocation
    Distributed agile is a reality in today's world. This feature story explores the lack of face-to-face communication, named by many as the biggest challenge of distributed agile, and ways to address this issue. Tools, technology and trust are three key ingredients to improving collaboration and communication from a distance.
  • What's behind the Citrix XenServer surge?
    Research indicates that the XenServer adoption rate outpaces its competition, and users say that XenDesktop drew them to XenServer, but other factors have kept them with Citrix's hypervisor.
  • Oracle-Sun convergence: What VARs need to know
    A comprehensive roundup of news about Oracle's buyout of Sun.
  • AT&T U-verse mobile video services raise the bar with Wi-Fi downloads
    AT&T U-verse integrated its mobile video services into its U-Verse TV package using an iPhone app to enable users to download content via Wi-Fi, a move that steps up the competition, according to Stratecast's Mike Jude.
  • Beyond its OSS roots, TM Forum evolves with the telecom industry
    The TM Forum has its roots in telecom industry OSS, but communications industry evolution has caused the organization to evolve and embrace new markets like the defense and cable industries, as well as new issues like cloud computing services. Forum president Martin Creaner explains why.
  • VMworld 2010 diary: Tuesday
    Eric Siebert weighs in on the keynotes by Paul Maritz and Stephen Herrod, plus the Best of VMworld 2010 Awards judging, in the Tuesday edition of his VMworld 2010 diary.
  • The VMword 2010 diaries
    Follow Eric Siebert through the largest virtualization conference of the year. He provides his overall thoughts on VMworld 2010 and recounts his week at the show.
  • VMworld 2010 diary: Monday
    Eric Siebert discusses his VMworld 2010 sessions on affordable home labs and how virtualization works in the Monday edition of his VMworld 2010 diary.
  • IPC locates Electronic Connectivity Services at Interxion's data centres
    Colocation service provider Interxion has announced that IPC will locate its core Electronic Connectivity Services infrastructure at Interxion's Financial Hub in London and Vienna; plus more daily news.
  • Heroku opens iPhone-style app store for developers
    A new virtual cloud marketplace from Heroku allows software platform makers to offer their wares directly to Heroku users.
  • Novell joins crowded cloud platform market
    Novell Cloud Manager will help IT transition to the cloud, but can it make itself heard in the overstuffed platform market?
  • Verizon piggybacks on Terremark for SMB cloud service
    Verizon's new cloud service, running on Terremark's infrastructure and data centers, focuses on small and medium-sized businesses.
  • Intel sinks $30 million into cloud computing
    Intel's $30 million investment in cloud computing is a vote of confidence in both public and private cloud and signals traction among serious buyers.
  • Virsto upgrades storage management software for Microsoft Hyper-V
    Virsto Software adds deeper integration with Microsoft applications for Virsto One, which helps manage storage in Hyper-V environments; VMware support remains a roadmap item.
  • Virtual workstations bring VDI minus infrastructure costs
    IT shops should compare offline support for virtual desktops from lesser-known client-computing vendors with technologies from VMware and Citrix.
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