AWS Support (Amazon Web Services Support)

AWS Support is a collection of tools and advice provided to an Amazon Web Services customer to help troubleshoot or improve the use of AWS public cloud resources.

An AWS customer uses AWS Support when that customer experiences a problem in the cloud or wants to improve the efficiency of a cloud deployment. AWS Support provides a customer with various levels of guidance and best practices for cloud operations and management. AWS offers technical support through personnel trained to resolve cloud issues, such as Cloud Support Associates, Cloud Support Engineers and Senior Cloud Support Engineers.

AWS offers four tiers of support plans, all of which come with access to customer service, documentation, whitepapers and support forums. The free Basic plan includes access to four primary checks through AWS Trusted Advisor, a native tool that assesses deployment efficiency against AWS' standards for best practices; it uses checks, which are scans for particular weaknesses, to evaluate the cloud environment.

The second tier, the Developer plan, includes technical support from Cloud Support Associates via email during business hours. It also includes general cloud architecture support.

The Business plan adds around-the-clock access to Cloud Support Engineers via email, chat or phone, as well as access to a full set of Trusted Advisor checks. It also includes an unlimited number of cases to open and contacts who can submit them, shorter response times than the Basic or Developer plans from AWS on issues, additional architecture support, AWS Support API, and configuration guidance and troubleshooting for third-party software. Launch support is available at an additional fee.

The premium Enterprise plan adds access to Senior Cloud Support Engineers via email, chat or phone; a "critical" severity level for support calls that yields the shortest response time from AWS; a consultative architecture review and guidance; free launch support; operational reports and reviews; online self-paced labs; a designated technical account manager; and additional account and architectural guidance.

AWS Support charges per month and varies in pricing depending on the selected support plan.

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