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Adobe's data security issues are everyone's problem

Like a Hollywood ingenue, now that data’s star is on the rise it can never expect privacy again. OK, perhaps the data is the new oil analogy is little stronger, but the point is data — personal, private and all kinds in between — is a hot commodity, that’s only going to get hotter as folks figure out how spin it into gold. And we’re not just talking about your local supermarket keeping tabs on your favorite soda brand. Hackers, spies and governments alike are collecting information and hording it like some sort of techno Doomsday Preppers.  And the thing is, as this week’s lead Searchlight item shows, even when a company thinks it’s doing all it can to deal with data security issues, it’s the tiny overlooked details that’ll come back to bite you.  Also in this week’s Searchlight: new takes on energy efficiency for data centers and mobile devices, why some at Microsoft want Gates to go and more.

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