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Progressing toward an 'appification' nation

There are so many product announcements — big and small — pretty much every hour of the day. Maybe that’s an exaggeration, but my inbox would beg to differ. That said,  it’s easy for innovative items to pass by virtually unnoticed. This week’s lead Searchlight item focuses on one such announcement. While not the caliber of, say, a gold-colored iPhone, Box last week introduced the beta version of a new online content creation and collaboration tool that could (pundits propose) unseat — or at least compete with — the likes of Google Docs and possibly even Microsoft Word. But what’s really interesting is what this tool represents — another step toward the “appification” of the enterprise.

Also in this week’s Searchlight: Google can hardly be expected to focus on document collaboration tools when it’s busy warding off Death itself; the unrelenting audacity of cybercriminals and the new iPhone 5s; data centers’ unlikely new BFF and more.

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