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The ballyhoo over Yahoo's telecommuting ban

It’s a business decision. That’s all it is. Sure, Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer’s decision to pull the plug on telecommuting touches on many other work/life issues, but the bottom line is that it was a business decision. It would be nice to think she would emerge as some kind of champion for working mothers everywhere (and hey, she still could, it’s only been a few months). But for now she’s a CEO running a flailing business, doing the sorts of things CEOs tend to do in these situations — shaking things up, popularity be damned. And in this week’s Searchlight you’ll see I’m not alone in this opinion. Also this week, the Searchlight shines upon major (and majorly cool) innovation at MIT, curious cracks in your cybersecurity armor and more.

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His fellow Yahoo workers are in for a surprise when they finally meet Sheldon face to face.

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