mobile IT (mobile information technology)

Mobile IT (mobile information technology) is the ability an information technology (IT) department has to deliver IT services to employees working on mobile devices.

While the consumer world is rapidly shifting to mobile-first delivery of information, with smart phones rapidly becoming the vehicle for doing everything from sending and receiving mail to depositing checks, the same transition in the business world likely will take years. Mobile IT is more than implementing a BYOD (bring your own device) program. Legacy applications must be redesigned to work -- and to work securely -- on mobile devices. The need to manage mobile IT has given rise to a whole new class of vendors known as mobile device management (MDM) providers. The trend has also accelerated the use of desktop virtualization to allow for secure access to enterprise applications.

Successfully shifting from on-premises delivery of IT services to mobile IT, however, is not limited to solving technical challenges. With the advent of intuitive, fun-to-use applications in the consumer marketplace, employees increasingly expect their business applications to match the user experience of their personal apps. That has led to a rise in demand for IT professionals who understand gamification and how to deliver an intuitive user interface (UI) and good user experience (UX).

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This was last updated in July 2013

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