Deloitte's Heat launches Heat AI for trend predictions

Heat's AI-based advertising platform uses algorithms to gather and analyze customer data and then predict social trends up to 72 hours before they peak, according to the vendor.

Everything has a tipping point -- the threshold where a topic's or product's popularity surpasses normalcy and goes viral. Heat, a creative advertising agency owned by Deloitte Digital, has launched Heat AI, which intends to predict trends and conversations by anticipating their tipping points.

Integrating AI in advertising strategies, Heat AI targets social trend spotting up to 72 hours in advance. Heat AI uses algorithms to capture and analyze 100 million social posts per day from 50,000 sources, executing 1 million predictions every 30 minutes, according to the vendor.

According to Heat, the prediction algorithm operates at 70% accuracy.

By revealing soon-to-be-relevant social and cultural insight, Heat claims its AI platform enables its customers to create and deliver resonant content at the right time to their audiences. Along with keeping brands culturally relevant, this kind of insight fosters flexible audience targeting, improves social engagement and click-through rates, and attracts new audiences.

Heat AI uses machine learning technology originally developed by Deloitte, which purchased Heat in 2016. The technology was first intended to assess business risk for companies, and Heat found a new capability for it.

Like with industries, AI in advertising is embraced to get a more accurate idea of what consumers want and to automate the delivery process to increase productivity. Gartner predicted that real-time personalization to bring personalized content and recommendations will grow significantly as a marketing strategy over the next few years and that, by 2023, autonomous marketing systems will be responsible for over half of marketing messages issued.

Sizmek provides an AI-powered marketing platform that analyzes user data to predict the best times and messages to send to customers. Similarly, Reflektion has a predictive analytics platform that claims to predict what customers will do next to bolster revenue and page views.

Heat is launching the AI platform with Facebook, the first official platform partner, on June 19. Heat intends to expand the AI-based advertising platform to incorporate more features, such as omnichannel programmatic, as it integrates more Deloitte technology.

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