Remote data backups: Best practices and key products

Last updated:October 2019

Editor's note

With such a large amount of data accessed remotely -- whether through remote offices and branch offices or on edge devices -- a solid backup strategy is necessary. Remote data backups come with challenges, but there is a variety of technology and help for those accountable for this important type of data protection.

This guide provides tips and best practices for your organization's offsite data backups. It addresses questions you need to ask to determine which remote backup approach is the right fit for your organization.

In addition, explore news stories on remote data backups and learn about some of the latest products in the field. Read up on key terms to help you understand the process.

Dive in and discover which remote backup strategy is right for your organization.

1Remote backup planning

Explore best practices and strategies that can help with the plans for your remote data backups.

2Remote data backup news

There are many remote data backup vendors and technologies. Read about some of the standouts.

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