Management and Operations (M&O) Stamp of Approval

The Management and Operations (M&O) Stamp of Approval is a data center certification that states a data center meets industry-recognized criteria for uptime.

The certification is awarded by the Uptime Institute, a consortium of companies devoted to maximizing efficiency and uptime in data centers and information technology (IT) organizations. Developed by and for the data center industry, M&O offers guarantee and accountability for the operations team, service providers and end users. The certification process involves the collaboration of client and Uptime Institute Professional Services. 

Any data center awarded with the Uptime Institute M&O Stamp of Approval is validated by an assessment process to have met criteria for 24 X 7 uptime. The crucial areas that were reviewed and confirmed are: staffing and organization, training and professional development assessment, preventative maintenance program and processes, operating conditions and housekeeping, planning management, coordination practices and resources. Each topic encompasses the minimal set of performances for a site to achieve full uptime potential, obtain maximum leverage of the installed infrastructure/design, improve operations efficiency and realize opportunities for energy efficiency.




This was last updated in January 2014

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