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  • Tip 12 Jul 2012

    Tweak Linux swap to improve server performance

    Many administrators ignore or underutilize the Linux swap settings but making the proper adjustments will make for better system performance. Continue Reading

  • Tip 21 May 2008

    Are you prepared for the Unix 2038 problem?

    All 32-bit Unix/Linux-based systems store the system clock time internally as the number of seconds since the "Epoch." The latest time and date that can be represented as seconds-since-the-Epoch in that 32-bit signed integer is 3:14:07 UTC on Tuesday, January 19, 2038. Current applications will interpret the negative number that is subsequently produced as an older year (1901), or will freeze the system clock at 03:14:07 on 1/19/2038, causing applications and operating systems to fail. Bill Bradford explains some options for preventing this eventuality. Continue Reading

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