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Employee engagement and retention top of mind in 2018

If our list of the top 10 most popular HR software stories of 2018 says anything, it's that employee engagement and retention were top of mind for HR leaders this year.

HR leaders have the tough job of convincing employees to stay despite a bountiful job market. So it makes sense that a handful of the top 10 most read HR software stories this year focus on employee engagement and retention.

Indeed, three of the top five feature strategies on how to keep employees happy, healthy and engaged. Experts suggested that HR leaders can do so by personalizing their offerings and introducing programs that reflect corporate culture.

But employee engagement and retention wasn't the only popular topic. This year's top 10 list of best read stories, based on page views, starts with blockchain and ends with employee wellness. Sprinkled throughout are stories on a data breach, news from SAP, and the benefits of cloud-based HR systems. Here's our countdown, starting with No. 10.

  1. Blockchain in HR remains in beta, outlook uncertain

Blockchain, which enables the creation of immutable, distributed ledgers, has a solid use case in HR for identity verification, but, as this year's 10th most popular story shows, the examples are still in their infancy, and the technology is still working out its kinks.

  1. Cloud-based HR systems seen as essential to HR agility

HR departments are turning away from on-premises systems, which require maintenance and upkeep, in favor of cloud-based services. This story explains that the decision is not driven by cost savings but by the promise of added flexibility.

  1. What is HCM software, and what are the HR software benefits?

Before meeting a human capital management vendor, consultant Mary Shacklett advises HR pros to get a firm understanding for what their organizations need. They should also read this article. Shacklett lays out what the basic HCM tools are, who the major providers are and how those vendors differ.

  1. New tech trends in HR: Josh Bersin predicts employee experience 'war'

A dispatch from the 2018 HR Technology Conference & Expo captures a Josh Bersin quote that struck many attendees: "There is going to be a holy war for [what] system your employees use first." In the seventh most popular story, attendees sound off on the idea of introducing a layer of software between core HR and talent management tools that is designed to better the employee experience.

  1. SAP defends S/4HANA HCM upgrade amid questions

SAP's news that it would extend on-premises ERP HCM support for five years didn't go over as well as the technology company probably would have liked. That's because the announcement came with a caveat: Maintaining on-premises systems means migrating to S/4HANA HCM.

  1. How to solve six of the biggest employee retention challenges

Finding ways to engage workers can help curb employee attrition. But where should HR leaders start? The fifth most popular HR software story advises they find ways to measure employee engagement. That's one of six practical employee retention techniques for HR pros featured in this article.

  1. Nine strategies to increase employee engagement and retention

No two company cultures are the same, a fact that HR departments need to recognize. This story pieces together advice from experts who highlight employee engagement and retention techniques, such as tailoring rewards packages and programs to a corporate culture, as well as nourishing that culture by building in opportunities for training and development. As one source pointed out, one of the biggest reasons for high turnover is because employees can't "see a clear path for career advancement."

  1. ComplyRight data breach affects 662,000, gets lawsuit

The data breach at HR and tax services firm ComplyRight exposed personal data, such as Social Security numbers and W-2 forms, of 662,000 people. While the firm said that less than 10% of customers were affected, the revelation prompted a lawsuit by Susan Winstead, who received a notice that her personal data had been compromised.

  1. Nine different HR roles and responsibilities demystified

The mission of an HR department is changing as fast as technology itself. So are the job titles of those developing HR strategy and delivering on that vision. Consultant Luke Marson breaks down the job descriptions for nine of those roles -- from chief HR officer to HR business partner to people data analyst.

  1. Seven corporate wellness trends for 2018 -- and beyond

The most read HR software story starts with a prediction that 2018 will be a year when companies will see wellness as more than handing out wearables. Consultant James Martin lays out seven trends that he expected to take hold this year, including chatbots, wellness mobile apps and even DNA testing. Of course investments like these are employee engagement and retention techniques -- one of this list's themes.

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