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HPE Partner Ready highlights solution architect role in channel sales

Hewlett Packard Enterprise has rolled out a new technical enablement resource that targets HPE partner solution architects.

The Tech Pro Community, launched globally today, aims to connect solution architects with training and the vendor’s internal presales team. The move in part supports HPE’s focus on solution selling, as well as what it views as the growing importance of the solution architect role.

“[HPE recognizes] there is a big shift happening in the way customers buy IT. …. Increasingly, the line-of-business leaders are involved in the IT decisions, and what they are buying is business outcomes,” said Brian Beneda, senior manager of global technical enablement at HPE, in an interview.

Beneda said that the solution architect role, which collects customers’ business requirements and translates them into technical solutions, is critical in a purchasing model that emphasizes business outcomes.

HPE Tech Pro Community a hub for solution architects

The Tech Pro Community is open to all HPE partners that have the minimum of an HPE Accredited Technical Professional certification, according to HPE. After joining the community, online users can access educational tracks around HPE technologies and industry trends. Members can also use the platform to earn HPE Accredited Solution Expert (ASE) and Master ASE certifications.

Beneda noted that the Tech Pro Community pulls together what was previously a fragmented set of technical training resources. “What we haven’t done up until now is make it easier for a channel partner solution architect to get access to all the training, the expertise, the content and the people inside of HPE that they need to exercise the power of [HPE] in front of their customers,” he said.

The training available through the Tech Pro Community is the same that HPE provides its internal teams, he added.

HPE also said the Tech Pro Community gives members a chance to connect with other partner and internal solution architects, through both online collaboration and in-person events. Beneda said the vendor is trying to “cross-pollinate” its partner and internal solution architect communities.

HPE’s transition to solution-oriented sales

HPE has been refocusing its HPE partner training on solution architects and solution selling for about a year, Beneda said. The introduction of the Tech Pro Community is a result of those efforts.

“What we had done in the past was very product-focused. … We will continue to have these specialist tracks. But the transition we are seeing from a market perspective is the demand” for the solution architect role, Beneda said.

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