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Pulseway RMM software zeroes in on technician efficiency

Pulseway plans to expand the scope of its RMM software product this year as it vies for more MSP customers.

The independent RMM vendor grew its global customer base by about 30% in 2019, reaching close to 6,000 customers in total, according to the company. Pulseway also introduced several new features to its platform, including enhanced two-factor authentication, a remote control tool for its mobile app and an integrated backup product. Pulseway’s MSP users also saw the launch of MSP Toolkit, a sales and marketing resource tailored to managed services businesses. MSPs represent about 55% to 60% of Pulseway’s customer base, with IT departments making up the rest.

For 2020, Pulseway’s product development will focus on technician efficiency as a key theme. “One of the things we want to emphasize is … providing more tools and new features that will help [technicians] be more efficient,” said Marius Mihalec, founder and CEO of Pulseway, headquartered in Dublin.

To that end, Pulseway will soon roll out a new workflow automation module, which will contain a library of ‘out of the box’ workflow automations to address common issues, Mihalec said. He noted that Pulseway also hopes to inspire users to modify the prebuilt workflow automations as well as create their own. In the second half of 2020, the company aims to let MSPs submit their own workflow automations for publication in a Pulseway community database.

“The idea is to create something of high value into our customers and create a community around it so you have different customers helping each other and building more and more complex … workflows,” Mihalec said.

Pulseway’s 2020 goals

Pulseway also plans to build out its security tools for Mac environments and beef up its network monitoring capabilities. Additionally, Mihalec said an upgrade of the MSP Toolkit is on the way. The toolkit will add new training material as well as an IT assessment module that lets MSPs benchmark their businesses against their peers.

Mihalec noted that Pulseway is currently exploring the role AI and machine learning could play in its RMM software. “I do think that everyone, every player in the RMM space, now is thinking about how to integrate this intelligence into the way … alerts are being handled,” he said. “Obviously, it is not going to be an overnight shift. … But there is going to be some sort of assistance coming, and we are working on a project like that.”

Standing out in the MSP software market

Pulseway is building its RMM software business in a market that features a number of well-established vendors, such as Kaseya, ConnectWise and SolarWinds MSP, competing for MSPs. Mihalec said Pulseway has differentiated itself through its mobile-friendly software and the depth of its RMM integrations, which are built in house.

The company also looks to stand out by being highly responsive to customers’ feedback. “We have been doing that since we started, so we are definitely not going to stop. We will actually accelerate that,” he said.

“Any move by big players needs to be analyzed, and we pay the necessary attention. But at the same time, staying true to our mission to empower our technicians and small businesses to stay on top of their IT issues and resolve them fast, we continue with our vision for the product,” Mihalec said. “It is a very active market, and we are more than happy to innovate and progress.”

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