Apple iPad Pro

The Apple iPad Pro is a 12.9-inch touch screen tablet PC that is larger and offers higher resolution than Apple's other iPad models.

The iPad Pro was scheduled to debut in November 2015, running the iOS 9 operating system. Apple unveiled the device at a September 2015 event in San Francisco.

It includes an A9X processor, 2732 x 2048 resolution Retina display and a four-speaker audio system. Weighing 1.57 pounds and measuring 6.9 mm, the device also features updated Multi-Touch capabilities allowing users to interact with the screen with less latency than previous iPads.

Apple has positioned the iPad Pro toward business users and consumers that want a desktop PC-like device experience, offering more power, resolution and support for advanced features. Buyers can pair the Apple iPad Pro with an optional smart keyboard and/or Apple Pencil, a new stylus designed for drawing and writing more fluidly and precisely on the screen.

Apple's App Store offers 850,000 apps for its iPads, including new apps such as Adobe Photoshop built specifically for use on the Pro with the Apple Pencil. The Apple iPad Pro also takes advantage of new iPad-specific features in iOS 9 including Split View, which allows users to display two running apps at once, and Slide Over, which lets users run one app while quickly glancing at another.

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