mobile backend as a service (mobile BaaS)

Mobile backend as a service (MBaaS) is a cloud computing architecture that provides mobile applications with access to the servers, storage, databases and other resources they need to run.

An alternative to mobile middleware, a backend as a service (BaaS) approach uses unified application programming interfaces (APIs) and software developer's kits (SDKs) to connect mobile apps to backend resources in the cloud. MBaaS can also be used to federate backend services and provide common backend features such as push notifications, social networking integration and location services. This is a departure from typical mobile application development, which requires developers to incorporate the APIs of each backend service individually.

MBaaS empowers mobile developers by completely abstracting the server-side infrastructure. Developers can assemble the required building blocks and just write the code that connects them. This lets developers focus on delivering rich user experiences instead of dealing with mundane backend infrastructure.

This was last updated in May 2016

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