IT Survival Kit: Networking refreshers


Quick Network Security & Hardware Refreshers


School is out for college students across the US, but the learning never stops for IT professionals. Why not brush up on networking fundamentals with the help of's Administrator Academy?

Below are six lessons and one quiz to get you started with our version of summer school. Lessons are quick reads and they are presented clearly so you can gain an edge on your peers and get on the fast track to reach your career goals.

The first four lessons deal with the latest in Network Security. After you learn about penetration testing, handling attacks and more, you can test your knowledge by taking a comprehensive quiz. Once you've aced the security unit, move on to the first two lessons of the Networking Hardware unit to cover hubs, repeaters, switches and bridges. Keep a look out - there are more lessons and quizzes to come! Free registration is required.


Administrator Academy: Network Security
1. Lesson one: Introduction
2. Lesson two: Common security measures
3. Lesson three: Penetration testing
4. Lesson four: A walk-through of an attack
Network Security Quiz: Lessons one through four

Administrator Academy: Networking Hardware
1. Lesson one: Hubs and repeaters
2. Lesson two: Switches and bridges

Make sure to check out's Administrator Academy in the future for more lessons and quizzes!





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