• Combining 802.1X and VLANs for WLAN authorization

    Many WLAN owners know that 802.1X/EAP makes it possible to authenticate individual wireless users. But did you know that 802.1X can also be used to funnel wireless traffic onto VLANs, enforcing user or group-based permissions? This tip explains how ...  Continue Reading

  • Choosing the right flavor of 802.1X

    Which of the nearly 50 defined EAP Types would work best in your WLAN? In this tip, we compare the most popular EAP Types used with 802.1X, authentication methods that can be supported by each, known vulnerabilities and suitable usage environments.  Continue Reading

  • Wireless attacks, A to Z

    In our buzzword-filled industry, wrapping your arms around wireless attacks and their potential business impacts can be tough. This tip tries to bring order to this chaos by providing a reference list of attacks against 802.11 and 802.1X, ...  Continue Reading

  • Lesson 4: How to use wireless IDS/IPS

    In Lesson 4 of Wireless Security Lunchtime Learning, you'll walk away with an understanding of the value of wireless IDS/IPS -- even if your organization doesn't support a wireless LAN. Also learn how to choose a WIDS for your environment and how to...  Continue Reading

  • To block or not to block: Rogue containment methods

    Wireless network monitoring systems are quickly moving from detection alone to detection and prevention. In particular, many now provide options to "block" rogue devices, preventing wireless or wired network access. This tip explores how these ...  Continue Reading

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