SAP Data Services

SAP Data Services is a data integration and transformation software application. It allows users to develop and execute workflows that take data from predefined sources called data stores (applications, Web services, flat-files, databases, etc.) and then allows the user to combine, transform, and refine that data, and then output the results back to the same or different data stores.

In addition to standard data transformation functions like joins, lookups, filters, aggregations, and calculations, SAP Data Services offers functionality for text analysis, data profiling and auditing, and data quality operations such as matching, geocoding, and address standardization. It also supports changed-data capture (CDC), which is an important capability for providing input data to both data-warehousing and stream-processing systems. Lastly, SAP Data Services supports both batch processing, which is the traditional approach to data transformation, and real-time services that allow applications to query Data Services and get an immediate response based on a predefined workflow.

In the SAP landscape, Data Services integrates with a large number of other products including SAP Data Quality Management, SAP Information Steward, SAP Business Warehouse, and SAP Master Data Management, and others, all for different purposes and using different methods.

This was last updated in August 2014

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