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  • Feature 27 May 2020

    Top 3 advantages of smart cards -- and potential disadvantages

    As smart card adoption increases, it is prudent to take a closer look at how this technology can improve data security. Here, read more about the benefits of smart cards. Continue Reading

  • E-Zine 19 Apr 2017

    Is your IAM policy a roadmap to security or leading you off a cliff?

    Identity and access management, or IAM, has long been a crucial consideration in the formulation of corporate security strategy. IAM policy today must contend with a variety of major changes sweeping the world of IT. One of the latest is the spread of cloud-based services, particularly the relativity new identity as a service. IDaaS and other products are having a significant impact on the market, as cloud-based IAM is now being released by both "establishment" players (i.e., Microsoft and Oracle) and next-gen companies like Ping Identity and Okta.

    This Information Security magazine Insider Edition tackles these seismic changes in the "identity layer" and considers other factors affecting IAM policy now and how they have an impact. In addition, we look at multifactor authentication, which is an established identity security practice. But multifactor is not without its own challenges when to comes to implementation and maintenance. We also take a careful look at the specific risks to cloud-based IAM tools, from shadow IT, mobility and more.

    Readers of the special edition of Information Security magazine on IAM policy and security concerns will come away better equipped to assess their current IAM policy and adapt it to the current and future world of IT.

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