TechTarget News - Week of Mar 12, 2017

NCSC to educate UK politicians on the cyber threat

The National Cyber Security Centre is to deliver tailored seminars for politicians on how to protect their email communications and voters’ data to defend against cyber threats to the political system

CIO interview: Simon McCalla, Nominet

Nominet, the registry for more than 10 million of the UK’s internet domains, is expanding into the internet of things and internet security services

Digital Economy Bill amended to protect Openreach pensions

The government introduces an amendment to the Digital Economy Bill to protect the pensions of BT employees transferring into the newly independent Openreach business

Android ransomware and more pre-installed on devices

Security researchers found Android ransomware and malware pre-installed on popular devices, putting users at risk for information theft, tracking and more.

Deprecated SHA-1 certificates trip up SAP Ariba

SHA-1 certificates are still in play, despite browser deprecation, as SAP Ariba advises legacy users to use unpatched browsers to avoid error messages, blocked access.

Is the antivirus industry dead? Experts weigh in

RSAC 2017: With malware-detecting software increasingly coming under fire for vulnerabilities, find out what the experts had to say about the future of the antivirus industry.

Nine critical Windows security bulletins in Patch Tuesday

After its cancelled February Patch Tuesday, Microsoft's March 2017 Patch Tuesday includes nine critical Windows security bulletins targeting remote code execution flaws.

Google Hangouts apps for business carry uncertainties

The latest Google Hangouts apps are a competitive team collaboration offering from a vendor with a spotty track record in enterprise technology.

Assessing the Google Cloud security strategy

This week, bloggers assess the Google Cloud security strategy, Cisco's lessons from OpenStack and Arista's new containerized network operating system.

APAC topped the world in number of cyber attacks in 2016

The prevalent use of pirated software is one of the possible reasons for the APAC region’s poor showing in Trend Micro’s annual study on the state of cyber security

US accuses Russian spies of directing Yahoo breach

US authorities have arrested a man in Canada who has been charged alongside two Russian intelligence officers and a Russian hacker in connection with a 2014 data breach at Yahoo affecting 500 million accounts

Government to ramp up help for UK cyber security industry

Government, in partnership with industry, is pursuing a range of initiatives aimed at establishing a UK cyber security ecosystem, developing skills and products and boosting exports, says DIT’s Conrad Prince

Patched Apache Struts vulnerability exploited in the wild

News roundup: An Apache Struts vulnerability is still being exploited, despite being patched. Plus, WhatsApp and Telegram release patches; Assange contacts Microsoft; and more.

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