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CIO lights up Olympics with green tech innovation

Every four years, it’s the same thing. We sit and watch the summer Olympics in awe of human physical potential and our minds begin to wander. What if we’d kept up those swimming lessons? If only we didn’t dump track for the school newspaper. Then we come back to reality, pop open another soda and wonder how those divers can be so darn synchronized. But Olympic-loving readers, take heart — CIOs can shine in the summer games.

Leading off this week’s roundup, from our sister site, we have a CIO whose gold medal-worthy green tech innovation is truly energizing London’s Olympic Park. Also, read about how speeding to market with software could kill a trading firm, and read about the CIO’s role in IT transformation.

As chronicled on the blog, CIO Symmetry, the CIO of the London summer games scored big, lighting up Olympic Park with green tech innovation. And he didn’t even have to put on a Speedo.

Speed is great for sprinters and the like but can be downright dangerous for makers of stock-trading software. Perhaps Wall Street’s third stock-trading fiasco in five months will drive home this point.

Winning by changing the rules doesn’t sound very sportsmanlike. Unless we’re talking victory over network hackers — then by all means we ought to hear out the argument for changing the rules of writing code.

Think social collaboration is a frivolous pursuit? Perhaps this bar graph can convince you otherwise.

Finally, be sure to check out this week’s CIO Matters column, in which’s Editorial Director Scot Petersen looks at the role of the CIO in the midst of IT transformation.

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