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Spring is here, and innovation is in the air

Spring is here, the season of renewal. In honor of this time of all things fresh and new, this week’s roundup includes a peek at innovators who inspire an innovator, the ways Best Buy’s new digital prez is defining next-gen IT, and something you didn’t know the world needed (and may not). Of course, spring, with its various dusts and pollens, does provide its share of irritants, so we’ve got some unsettling bits on security and privacy as well.  Enjoy.

  • Innovation expert and Harvard Business Review blogger Scott Anthony lists his favorite innovation writers, as well as some rising stars. What an innovative idea.
  • Six ways Stephen Gillett, Best Buy’s new president of digital and executive VP of global services, defines next generation IT.
  • Someday there may be a useful medical benefit for Nokia’s vibrating tattoo, and that would be great news. Until that day — no, just no.
  • We all know in-app advertisements are annoying; it turns out they’re also insidious.
  • Obviously one should never put anything on the Internet that they don’t want to be seen. But even if your wall is just updates on what you had for dinner and pictures of your dog, would you ever hand over your Facebook password to a potential employer? Would you ask for it from a potential employee?
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