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Really big deals: Facebook IPO and SEC guidance on cybersecurity

Unless you’ve been living in outer space (or on MySpace), it’s impossible not to know that today is the day Facebook drops its privacy settings and friends the NASDAQ. News and analysis abound, but we think we’ve picked up a couple of more interesting tidbits on the whole big deal. And, if you’ve got Facebook fatigue, we also bring you some serious stuff about Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) guidance on cybersecurity and not-so-serious stuff about how an app becomes a star. Hope you “like” it.

There are plenty of opinions on what the Facebook IPO will mean for the company’s employees and investors (bigger planes? personal islands?), but this story suggests it could also benefit the data center industry.

Facebook’s tentacles — um, arms — reach every corner of the globe, but who embraces it most? Statistics show Brazil and Bangkok are major fans, but the U.S. still “likes” it best.

And now, for something completely different, and a lot more serious: security. Blogger Richard Bejtlich’s take on why SEC guidance on cybersecurity is “a really big deal.”

Have you ever wondered just how popular an app has to be in order to make it to the top of the app-store heap? Wonder no more. Now if we just had a metric for Tootsie Pops.

And, finally, you think you’ve got big data? That’s not big data — this is big data.

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