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Eco-friendly technology: Green means go, especially in Nebraska

Have you had a “taxing” week? Bad puns probably won’t make you feel any better, but checking out our weekly roundup of news bits and analysis just might — it’s totally free. Earth Day is coming up this weekend, so we’ve included a couple of items on eco-friendly(?) technology for your reading pleasure, along with a pair of pause-worthy pieces on privacy.

  • Kermit was so right: Apple found out this week it’s not easy even to try being green. The company was put on the defensive when Greenpeace activists climbed to the roof of its Cork, Ireland, data center to protest what they say are shoddy claims about the cleanliness of Apple’s energy consumption.
  • Innovation is blowin’ in the wind in Nebraska, where researchers are using eco-friendly technology to create a zero-energy-consumption traffic light system.
  • There could be so many good uses for this technology, but for some crazy reason we have our concerns about a chip that lets phones see through walls.
  • If the previous item doesn’t make your privacy-loving skin crawl, how about text messages that know where you’re going and where you’ve (allegedly) been?
  • And here we thought the end of the world was supposed to come in December!
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