Six cloud computing industry leaders to follow on Twitter

Want to eavesdrop on what cloud computing leaders are saying about industry trends? Follow these six Twitter accounts for expert opinions and scoops.

In this age of social media, we have the ability to listen in on and engage with cloud computing industry leaders and influencers discussing and debating the cloud market and its innovations. Whether they are CEOs, CIOs or early adopters in the field, these cloud leaders share their opinions and insights into what cloud vendors are doing, the latest advancements in technology and, sometimes, just their everyday lives. Some may raise heated debates, others may approach it with a sense of humor, but these six cloud computing industry leaders only need 140 characters or fewer to grab your attention on Twitter.

Marten Mickos, @martenmickos

Marten Mickos' full and active Twitter account can put other company leaders to shame. As the CEO of open source cloud software company Eucalyptus Systems Inc., Mickos comments several times daily on the open source market and Eucalyptus happenings. His role also gives him insight into Eucalyptus partner and cloud leader Amazon Web Services as well as its support network, including Netflix. Mickos uses his network of 9,668 followers to retweet ideas by other cloud computing leaders and promote causes he believes in, such as supporting women in technology.

Krishnan Subramanian, @krish

Following Krishnan Subramanian, or "Krish," on Twitter is like getting a ringside seat at the hottest cloud matches among industry thought leaders. Krish, the principal analyst at Rishidot Research LLC, uses his prolific Twitter feed to frequently engage with cloud insiders on hot-button topics, such as "cloudwashing" and data governance and security -- and he's not afraid to speak his mind and confront the status quo in the IT industry.

Randy Bias, @randybias

Randy Bias, CTO of Cloudscaling Group Inc., takes his influential, thoughtful views on the cloud computing market to Twitter, where he engages with other experts in open conversation about trends and technologies in the cloud industry arena. While he often tackles topics related to OpenStack and other open source cloud software, he also gives insight on his day-to-day life at Cloudscaling.

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Reuven Cohen, @rUv

As the Digital Provateur columnist for Forbes magazine and the co-host of Intel's DigitalNibbles podcast, Reuven Cohen is used to spreading his opinion online. On Twitter, Cohen, the senior vice president of Virtustream Inc., injects a sense of humor and snark into his thoughts on the cloud computing market and innovations. "It doesn't matter if you're private or public if people don't want to buy your products," he tweeted about Dell's recent private cloud announcement.

Jeff Barr, @jeffbarr

You're not keeping up with the cloud computing market without knowing what Amazon Web Services is doing. And Jeff Barr, the chief evangelist for AWS, has all the info on what the cloud giant is up to. Barr frequently engages users and experts personally, and he keeps his 14,529 followers in the loop about AWS product releases, news and advice -- with a few personal stories mixed in.

Padmasree Warrior, @padmasree

Padmasree Warrior takes a lot of good juju from her last name. Warrior, an ardent champion of promoting the advancement of women in the technology field, is one of the most powerful women in Silicon Valley. Named one of Forbes' "Power Women" of 2012, this chief technology and strategy officer at Cisco Systems Inc. regularly shares her knowledge and passion for the cloud computing industry -- but also art and poetry -- to her impressive 1,441,099 Twitter followers.

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