Digital transformation technologies power CX makeovers

Last updated:May 2019

Editor's note

Digital transformation requires more than just a content management platform. Digital and customer experience -- and even patient experience -- initiatives use a number of technologies to effect change.

These technologies touch e-commerce authentication and management, human resources, healthcare and even digitization of paper. AI in its many forms -- machine learning, deep learning, cognitive computing, natural language processing and computer vision -- provides a useful and cost-efficient function in customer engagement. It also plays a critical role in enterprise search to enrich content, identify objects and organize data.

This guide examines digital transformation technologies powered by AI and how they affect content management, CX, digital experience and the ever-changing world of e-commerce.

1Digital transformation technologies come in many flavors

AI is an integral part of many digital transformation processes as businesses strive to get the most out of their content and formulate winning marketing, sales and customer service strategies.

2Digital experiences in action in the workplace

Many companies are in the process of moving from pen-and-paper transactions to cloud-based experiences. See how a move to the cloud benefits both businesses and customers.

3Digital transformation bolsters e-commerce

E-commerce companies use many tools and techniques to support their digital transformation initiatives. Read about some of these tools and their role in transforming the ways companies conduct their business.

4Improving the customer experience

Digital transformation technologies can have a profound effect on customer experience. Here are real-world examples of how companies transformed their businesses to improve customer engagement and service.

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