Enterprise Chatbots: Practical Guidance for Great Customer Experiences

Customers want to solve problems or answer questions themselves at any time, rather than speak with a customer service agent.

Chatbots seem like an ideal approach and are in many organizations' plans. However, you've likely heard stories of companies not achieving the results they expected. Success requires setting the right expectations, understanding the required resources and skillsets, and having a solid process from design to launch.

Watch this webinar to hear practical guidance on the steps to create great customer experiences with an enterprise chatbot solution. ServiceNow shares how you can go from concept to deployment of ServiceNow Virtual Agent for customer support and the art of the possible when using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to dramatically improve the support experience.

Key takeaways:

  • Four-step process for a successful implementation
    Designing appropriate topics to maximize success and satisfaction
  • Real-world impact on customer experience and measuring success

Featured speakers:
Howard Shaw, product owner of artificial intelligence, Now Support, ServiceNow
Santiago Abascal, technical support manager, Now Support, ServiceNow
Todd Idler, product marketing director, Customer Workflows, ServiceNow

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