The Secret Sauce Helping CX Leaders Create Loyal Clients: Convenience

Creating happy customers and retaining them has long been a top objective for customer service organizations. However, the dynamics impacting customer loyalty have changed. Customers today expect each service interaction with a company to be convenient.

Best-in-class service and customer experience leaders have adapted to this change. They maintain top-notch retention rates while consistently increasing client spend and driving continued business growth.

What’s their secret? Watch this webinar with Omer Minkara, VP and Principal Analyst at Aberdeen, and Paul Selby, Product Marketing Director with ServiceNow, to learn:

  • How a focus on managing convenience influences customer loyalty
  • How top performers transformed their organizational culture
  • Best-in-class steps to make every interaction more convenient
  • Take-aways from real-life examples

Featured speakers:
Omer Minkara, VP and Principal Analyst, Aberdeen
Paul Selby, Product Marketing Director, ServiceNow

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