Super Agents power next-gen customer experience – Are you ready?

Boosting customer experience (CX) and employee experience (EX) are now imperative in differentiating service in today’s competitive market. Empowering a “super agent,” to make interactions effortless through intelligent technology, helps ensure that any time customers spend interacting with customer service is both meaningful and valuable.

It also makes agents confident and satisfied in assisting customers. The key to super agent enablement is automating tasks when possible and using human agents when intuition and emotional intelligence is required—producing more positive customer outcomes and increased revenue. Creating CX/EX-focused journeys means moving beyond the traditional CRM model—combining an omnichannel approach for a seamless experience with service operations connecting front, middle, and back-office teams.

For the employee, this helps:

  • Boost agent performance
  • Enhance satisfaction
  • Improve retention

Turning agents into super agents is the game changer organizations need today to stand apart from the competition. Join this live webinar to hear about how you can add super powers to agents to improve CX and EX to take your customer care to the next level.

Listen in on the experiences of others, participate in a live Q&A, and walk away with actionable strategies for your organization.

Featured speakers:
Nancy Jamison, Industry Director, Information and Communication Technologies, Frost & Sullivan
Kathy Neff, Director of Product Marketing, Customer Service Management, ServiceNow

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