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What are 4 ways to improve content experience?

Thoughtful presentation of content enables businesses to engage customers. Methods of improving content experience include social media and tailored content.

Customers are more likely to engage with a business if its content is compelling and appealing.

The presentation of content, including its environment, structure and aesthetic, is known as content experience. A positive content experience encourages engagement and attracts a prospective customer to the product -- and by extension, the brand -- such as when a business tailors content to the customer's demographic. A negative experience causes the prospect to click elsewhere, such as when content makes users feel as though a business is invading their privacy.

Companies can use Content marketing, or the strategic deployment of content that is designed to subtly promote a brand, to improve content experience.

Businesses can take these four steps to ensure a more positive content experience:

  1. Exploit social media. The social media experience should not mimic the company website. Businesses should remake the content so that it best fits the look and feel of the social media platform itself, and present content that encourages user participation. For example, tailor the content to the platform -- use word-focused posts on Facebook and be visual on Instagram. This doesn't just make the experience more amicable; it boosts the brand and results in longer page visits.
  2. Use a two-pronged approach. Businesses should tailor content to appeal to current customers and brand loyalists and create separate content to appeal to newcomers. For example, businesses can present highly personalized content to current customers, while they can offer demographically targeted content to new ones.
  3. Make content personal. Businesses should hone in on the prospect's preferences based on previous visits and follow up with retargeting. If a customer has visited the site previously, but has not bought anything from the website, the business should still track the customer's page visits to fine-tune future visits according to the insights it gathered from previous visits. A personalized content experience makes the customer feel not only more welcome, but more valued.
  4. Take measurements. It's essential to monitor content page activity and connect it to sales. This produces the ROI on the effort invested, assures that good content lives and bad content dies, and that the experience strategies the business deploys are making a real difference.

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