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April 2015

CRM platforms alone won't give total customer picture

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Some CRM vendors have started to demonstrate the power of unified CRM platforms, enabling companies to manage customer data, analytics, financials and more from a single application and get a unified view. But many companies still struggle with siloed customer information that's outdated, poorly managed or poorly integrated with other systems. Customers expect better service from businesses they patronize, and that service should take into account their complete experience with the company.

To get there, businesses need to look at their CRM platforms and address the roadblocks to a unified view. Ashley Smith kicks off this guide with a look at why customer information is often siloed and why fancy technology isn't the only thing needed to solve the problem. Next, Danny Estrada discusses the role proper data integration plays in reaching a 360-degree view of customers. To conclude, Banafsheh Ghassemi provides tangible steps companies can take to understand the complete customer experience.

About The Author

Tim Ehrens

Tim is a former site editor for SearchCustomerExperience.Read More

Table Of Contents

  • Companies wrestle with the 360-degree customer view
  • Data integration requires planning to derive meaning
  • Steps for tearing down information silos

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