Customer data management tools shape personalization, boost CX

Last updated:August 2019

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Businesses are turning increasingly to advanced analytics that incorporates AI, machine learning and more to manage the barrage of customer data flowing into company coffers from multiple channels. They use a number of sophisticated technologies to collect data, including marketing automation tools, CRM platforms, data management platforms and cookies. And, once collected, this data needs to be analyzed and put into action to improve customer experiences.

One of the more important and newer customer data management tools is the customer data platform. A CDP provides the golden ticket -- a single, unified view of the customer. It takes customer data collected from disparate sources and puts it into one place and one record, making it easy for companies to analyze and act on predictive outcomes.

This guide explores customer data management tools and the increasingly important role of artificial intelligence technologies as well as the privacy and protection concerns surrounding the handling of customer data.

1Customer data collection and analysis with an assist from AI

CX is only as good as the customer data that businesses collect. Here are some ways companies collect, curate and use customer information gathered from multiple channels.

2Customer data platforms gain stronger foothold

Customer data platforms are increasingly important customer data management tools as evidenced by the major players inserting themselves into the marketplace. These platforms control identity management and keep data points matched to the correct customer.

3The many complexities in handling and protecting customer data

Learn about some of the ongoing issues, challenges and laws that businesses face surrounding the protection and use of customer data.

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