Salesforce announces Pardot Business Units, coming this summer

Pardot Business Units, an automated marketing platform, provides large companies with a way to coordinate and personalize marketing efforts across the business.

Salesforce has announced Pardot Business Units, a new automated marketing platform that allows businesses to coordinate marketing efforts across sub-brands and regions.

The Pardot Business Units allows companies with multiple brands or geographies to keep tabs on what other parts of the organization are doing. According to Salesforce, Business Units combines mass outreach with personalized interactions when planning campaigns.

With Pardot, users can automatically send emails and perform marketing tasks based on triggers like time or user interactions, use data to personalize messages to customers, respond to prospects quickly with real-time alerts and create conversations and target sales pitches with in-depth data about prospect activity.

Now using Pardot Business Units, a company can segment its customers by industry, including healthcare, energy and transportation, or regions to ensure those specific people are receiving localized campaigns. The platform also provides analytics so marketers can see how brand or regional outreach compares to other subsets, or impacts the overall engagement.

According to Salesforce, the template sharing feature across teams ensures consistency on the overall brand message.

The use of email marketing has made a comeback after a dip due to social media. However, amid social media privacy concerns from both users and businesses, email has made its resurgence, causing automated email marketing to become increasingly important to competitive campaign launches. Data & Marketing Association and Demand Metric found that email has a median ROI of 122%.

Pardot Business Units will be available in English, French, German, Spanish and Japanese for the summer 2019 release.

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