Verint launches VOC software, gathers omnichannel feedback

Verint has launched Verint Unified VoC, which provides organizations with a full, accurate view of customer desires and preferences, according to the vendor.

Verint Systems Inc. has launched a platform that intends to provide an enterprise-wide view of the voice of the customer. The cloud-based VOC software, Verint Unified VoC, enables users to capitalize on their entire VOC portfolio.

Verint Unified VoC gathers insights across multiple customer engagement channels to identify the direct, indirect and inferred VOC so that companies can understand and develop products for customers' specific wants and needs, according to the customer engagement vendor.

VOC is traditionally captured through surveying customers, but recent Forrester Research reports showed that surveys do not gather enough information to fully understand customers' expectations and preferences. Verint's VOC software mines the VOC interactions in organizations' contact center and digital channels to provide a more accurate picture, according to the vendor.

Combining Verint's OpinionLab, recent ForeSee acquisitions, contact center deep listening and automation, Verint Unified VoC enables users to define an accurate VoC with new capabilities:

  • Cross-channel VOC data collection -- including email, SMS and post-call surveys, website feedback and contact center interactions -- uncovers blind spots in overall VoC development.
  • VOC data analysis allows organizations to map data from multiple sources, create common KPIs, identify CX issues across channels and boost ROI on CX initiatives.
  • Triggers, alerts and out-of-the-box case management on unified data conveys VOC with operational impact, such as automatically alerting the contact center of emerging issues and initiating actions to resolve issues.

VOC software is becoming more important for organizations as consumers continue to expect more from the brands they interact with. In order to create better online experiences, Gartner said VOC software must be capable of collecting direct and indirect feedback and be able to turn that data into actionable, customized dashboards.

Verint claims that its Unified VoC will improve customer loyalty and retention as well as increase new customer acquisition by correcting issues that contribute to customer attrition and capitalizing on the exact point in the customer journey an organization sees positive interaction.

The release of its Unified VoC software follows other recent additions to Verint's suite of VOC offerings: Anomaly Detection and AI Blueprint were launched in April and updates to Desktop and Process Analytics came in May. Verint Unified VoC is planned for general availability in August 2019.

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