CoreMedia launches omnichannel content creation platform

CoreMedia Content Cloud-Marketing Connector enables omnichannel content creation. It also gives customers access to CoreMedia Content Cloud content management capabilities.

CoreMedia has launched its Content Cloud-Marketing Connector on Salesforce AppExchange. It enables omnichannel content creation and provides tools to create and deliver commerce-driven experiences across multiple channels and devices.

This program enables customers to use the content management and digital asset management capabilities of CoreMedia Content Cloud, a Java-based system with open APIs. It is built on Salesforce Platform and is currently available on the AppExchange.

With CoreMedia Content Cloud-Marketing Connector, customers can centrally manage their omnichannel content and digital media assets in CoreMedia Content Cloud's headless repository and reuse it in Salesforce Marketing Cloud. According to CoreMedia, this ensures brand voice and messaging are consistent across websites, apps, newsletters and push notifications.

Customers can also access customer segmentation data and business rules in Salesforce Marketing Cloud to create targeted content. They can then send all customer behavior into Marketing Cloud for analytics and insights. Users can embed forms created in Salesforce Marketing Cloud into content designed with CoreMedia Content Cloud to capture and process user information.

The integration with Salesforce Commerce Cloud enables customers to create online experiences that combine branded content with relevant and updated product information and transactional capabilities, and then instantly publish them via Salesforce Marketing Cloud to any channel or device.

Full features include the following:

  • Flexible content management. Organize branded content and rich media centrally for reuse across channels and devices.
  • Complete experience control. Access content and data from any source to create and preview personalized experiences from a single web-based user interface.
  • Omnichannel content delivery. Deliver content and assets easily for a unified and consistent experience across channels.
  • Real-time previews. Preview the online customer experience on any device or context, for any customer segment, across the entire customer journey.
  • Expand e-commerce and marketing systems. Blend content with commerce for distribution across digital channels via Content Cloud's Integration Hubs, which has prebuilt connectors for major e-commerce platforms and marketing platforms.

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