Conversica AI platform receives upgrades for productivity

Conversica's AI platform, Conversica, received upgrades that are intended to personalize communication with customers and improve productivity.

Conversica Inc. has upgraded its conversational AI platform to include more features that are intended to help businesses personalize conversations between their chatbots and the customer.

With more controls over the Conversica AI platform and an easier-to-use interface, the vendor claimed the upgrades enable businesses to focus more on the purpose of each conversation while engineering and data science teams prioritize faster time to value and greater overall business outcomes.

Conversica's platform automates the routine interactions between businesses, customers and tasks for marketing, sales and customer success departments so that employees can focus on high-value work. The vendor hopes to contribute to a future where every businessperson has an intelligent virtual assistant; Gartner predicts that by 2021, 70% of organizations will use AI to automate routine work and improve productivity.

Updates to the Conversica platform include the following features:

  • Upgraded Conversation Editor that comes with a new UI for Conversica AI Assistants provides businesses with a visual representation of AI conversations and enables settings customization at each step in the conversation's flow.
  • User Profiles is a new capability that enables users to set configuration and access privileges by profile, user and group to simplify management and security; this is particularly beneficial for teams with more than one AI Assistant.
  • Expanded library of conversation types and third-party integrations enable Conversica AI Assistants to engage in a wider variety of conversations and solve more complex issues.

Conversica AI Assistants integrate with existing technology stacks, including Salesforce, Marketo, Pardo and HubSpot, among others. The vendor developed AI assistants for specific industries, offering sales, customer success, admissions, automotive sales and automotive service AI assistants.

Conversica also plans to release Conversica Answers, a client-facing capability that detects and responds to frequently asked questions from sales leads and customers with tailored answers. The feature will be available later this year.

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