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Epicor Software Corp. is a global business software vendor that sells ERP and other software to small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and large enterprises. Epicor supports a wide range of industries and vertical markets with industry-specific software. It has a strong presence in manufacturing and distribution and although Epicor sells across the spectrum of company sizes, it is largely known as a midmarket ERP vendor.

Epicor provides an on-premises version of its ERP software, as well as a variety of cloud options, including hybrid, multi-tenant and single tenant deployments. The code base is the same regardless of the type of implementation, which enables a straightforward migration to another type of Epicor ERP architecture in the future. This shared code base also ensures system consistency no matter how an enterprise chooses to implement Epicor software, according to the vendor.

Epicor ERP is particularly well suited for midmarket discrete manufacturing, notably in the industrial machinery, electronics and high tech, fabricated metals and rubber and plastics industries. The company also tailors software for retail and hospitality and services organizations. 

Epicore ERP  features

Epicor ERP core is rich in accounting and finance features, with a wide range of financial reports, financial statements, general ledgers and other core finance functions. Moreover, it is meant to handle varied fiscal periods and account structures, such as that required for a variety of companies or divisions. Epicor ERP also offers end-to-end supply chain management, with an extensive array of manufacturing features, from scheduling to monitoring.

Designed around service-oriented architecture, Epicor ERP is modular and scalable, so that customers can choose only which functions they need. Epicor modules include customer relationship management (CRM), human capital management (HCM) and retail software. 

Epicore ERP  UI

Epicor focuses on bringing modern capabilities such as business analytics to its ERP software, placing a major focus on offering ease-of-use to an array of business users through its customizable user interface (UI). For example, individual user profiles can be customized with colors and relevant tiles, so that users see only what they need to.

Another example of Epicor's UI focus is three types of dashboard functionality: Executive dashboards offer CEOs and other leaders the ability to see real-time business health on a single screen with relevant charts and spreadsheet views. The exceptions dashboard offers managers the ability to catch issues before they become major problems, for example, cost overruns. The executable dashboard offers the ability to update information for multiple records at a time. For example a supplier relationship dashboard will show exceptions and also offers the ability to update multiple purchase orders at once, as well as due date and other information, which populates across the system.

Epicor has put concerted effort into developing mobile capabilities for both on premises and cloud and on virtually any smartphone or tablet.  Besides giving users anywhere access to ERP data, Epicor offers specialized apps such as timesheet and expense tracking. 

History of Epicor

Epicor is headquartered in Austin, Texas and has its roots in two companies, Triad Systems Corporation and Platinum Software Corporation. Founded in 1972, Triad Systems Corporation's first offering was a computerized indexing system for the automotive industry. Triad was renamed Activant Solutions Inc. in 2003. Platinum Software Corporation, which was founded in 1984,  offered financial accounting software designed for local area networks. In 1992, it went public on NASDAQ and introduced Platinum SQL, a financial accounting program designed for client-server computing. Platinum grew through acquisitions and mergers, and in 1999, the company's name was changed to Epicor Software Corporation.  

In 2011, Apax Partners purchased both Activant and Epicor, at which time the companies merged. Recent acquistions include Dot Net IT and docSTAR. In June 2016, Epicor acquired business solutions provider Dot Net IT to strengthen sales, services and support globally, as well as fortify its cloud offerings.  In January 2017, Epicor acquired docSTAR, which brought enterprise document management into the Epicor ERP portfolio.

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