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JDA Software is a software and consultancy company that specializes in selling supply chain management products and services to businesses. Currently, its list of clients spans across a variety of industries from automotive to food and beverage to retail.

The goal of JDA’s software is to help its customers optimize costs, achieve revenue growth, quicken execution times and increase supply chain efficiency. As the consumer marketplace continues evolving, JDA products address the nuances within delivery, planning, collaboration, demand and fulfillment by integrating real-time market indicators around shopper purchase intent.

Applications can be purchased on a standalone basis dependent on specific needs or grouped in categories based on the most relevant industry sector.

JDA Solutions

Supply chain products offered by JDA are divided into three sectors:

  • Manufacturing & Distribution Solutions- This sector handles the behind the scenes operations that are involved in delivering products to consumers. Featuring fulfillment maps and supply/demand curves, the intelligent manufacturing software monitors stock, aids in inventory planning, and initiates replenishment.
  • Retail Solutions- This sector focuses on businesses with physical retail locations and the range of processes that make them run efficiently. Tools for retail companies include category management, intelligent fulfillment, merchandise operations, retail planning and store operations.
  • Service Industry Solutions- This sector offers pricing and revenue management (PRM) tools with a focus on the hospitality, media and travel fields. PRM software forecasts data to help balance price versus profitability.
This was last updated in September 2018

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