Partners get new LogicMonitor AIOps tools after Unomaly buy

An enhanced LogicMonitor AIOps toolbox offers partners new sales opportunities and training, LogicMonitor said. The new AIOps tools come from the vendor's buyout of Unomaly.

LogicMonitor Inc., a performance monitoring software supplier, has built out its AIOps toolbox for channel partners.

On Jan. 13, the company purchased Unomaly, which focuses on log management analytics. LogicMonitor said it plans to integrate the two product lines and beef up its support programs by the end of the year so partners can maximize their sales opportunities.

AIOps represents a new generation IT management tools. These cloud-based platforms rely on big data analytics, AI and machine learning to streamline systems performance management and troubleshooting. They collect large volumes of information, correlate data points, draw deductions and automate business processes, offloading routine maintenance from IT staff to machines.

A new look at log data

Founded in 2012, Stockholm -based Unomaly has developed a platform that uses AI and machine learning to help partners and enterprise customers improve system infrastructure performance and security processes. The platform examines and classifies log data, pinpoints anomalies, and feeds the information into remediation systems.

LogicMonitor, which recently entered the AIOps market, began working with Unomaly in 2019. "Unomaly was a hidden gem. They were the only vendor we found with a solution that filtered log data before feeding it into our product," said Sanjay Gupta, global vice president of channels and strategic alliances at LogicMonitor, headquartered in Santa Barbara, Calif.

What's next for LogicMonitor AIOps?

The performance monitoring vendor has begun preparation work to integrate Unomaly's products, services, employees and partners into its operations. "We expect to fully integrate the two companies by the end of the year," Gupta said.

In the meantime, LogicMonitor has made adjustments to help channel firms take advantage of the Unomaly platform.

Partners can now sell the Unomaly log management service to their end customers, according to LogicMonitor. In addition, the company is putting training programs in place to support partners in such endeavors.

Expansion is on the horizon. LogicMonitor said it has a strong partner ecosystem in North America but needs to buttress programs in other parts of the world. "We see partners and co-selling playing a much bigger role in our distribution as we move forward," Gupta noted.

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