3 ServiceNow partner initiatives fuel $10B ambition

New ServiceNow partner initiatives include the launch of an online marketplace, a Now platform integration program and additional implementation support.

ServiceNow recently rolled out three initiatives aimed at improving the way its channel partners help customers use workflow-oriented digital technologies.

The initiatives seek to put end customers in a position to change how corporate work is conducted, according to David Parsons, senior vice president of global alliances and channel at ServiceNow. Corporate workflows are increasingly mirroring the way consumers use apps on mobile devices to purchase goods and services and communicate, he said.

"Our view of the world is that when people go to work, they want to have an experience that they have at home," Parsons said.

The initiatives double down on ServiceNow's relationships with channel partners, Parsons said, so the partners can make the best decisions for customers when incorporating workflow tools on top of enterprise platforms offered by SAP, Salesforce, Adobe and others. With the help of channel partners, ServiceNow's workflow offerings can benefit enterprises in a matter of months, he added.

One of the new initiatives, ServiceNow Partner Industry Solutions, is a marketplace publishing portal that showcases partner case studies and other materials that address the workflow and digital transformation needs of customers, according to the company. The list of partners to first use the portal is a lineup of heavy hitters, including Accenture, Deloitte and KPMG.

"Think of it as a supercharged Google search bar," Parsons said of ServiceNow Partner Industry Solutions. A team of ServiceNow technical architects and program managers will review partners' submissions to validate claims.

Our view of the world is that when people go to work, they want to have an experience that they have at home.
David ParsonsSenior vice president of global alliances and channel, ServiceNow

Another initiative, Built on Now, allows partners to build, test, certify and sell digital workflows for ServiceNow's Now Platform. Parsons likened the program to Intel Inside, which lets member companies integrate Intel technologies into their brands. "It's a way for our partners to leverage our brand and what we do around workflow automation," he said.

More than 70 Built on Now-native app offerings are available, according to ServiceNow. One of them, KPMG Contract Performance Manager, offers dashboard views into all a customer's third‑party relationships in an attempt to spot diminishing value in contracts.

The third new initiative, Now Create, shines a light on the methodologies and practices that can improve implementations and upgrades of the Now Platform, the company said.

In all, the offerings are another step in trying to reach ServiceNow's goal of achieving $10 billion in annual revenue, Parsons said. Such a goal wouldn't be practical without channel partners, he added.

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