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IT performance management

What is IT performance management?

IT performance management is the supervision of an organization's IT infrastructure to ensure key performance indicators, service levels and budgets comply with the organization's goals. IT performance management involves purchasing decisions, standardization of IT equipment, and guidance on capital and human resources.

IT performance management can encompass a range of areas, including the following:

IT performance management software

IT performance management software is a type of tool that enables IT operations teams to monitor and control infrastructure stacks.

Performance management tools have become especially important as IT environments become increasingly virtualized and complex. In addition to monitoring infrastructure performance, IT ops teams can use these tools to gather and analyze IT performance metrics over time, forecast future demand, and identify abandoned or underutilized resources.

Diagram showing where IT monitoring occurs: network and security, IT infrastructure, applications and services, and devices and browsers.
IT performance monitoring occurs at all levels of an organization's technology environment, from IT infrastructure to applications to endpoint devices.

Virtualizing aspects of an organization's IT infrastructure can lead to a larger overall infrastructure. Such environments often need to be managed using monitoring and observability tools, such as cloud APM software.

Types of IT performance management software

Simpler IT performance management tools provide only raw data. As a result, these tools require IT ops teams to make sense of the gathered information before taking action.

Increasingly, however, IT performance management tools can also analyze the data they collect to find potential bugs or irregularities that could lead to failure. Predictive IT performance management tools aim to identify signs of possible problems and remediate them before issues occur.

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