Introducing our essential sustainability and ESG resource hub

CIOs, supply chain pros and other stakeholders need information that demystifies sustainability strategies and tech. The new TechTarget site answers those needs.

As sustainability pressures mount in organizations, our new site -- TechTarget Sustainability and ESG -- is an antidote to the inevitable overload.

Climate change is having major effects on communities all over the world. Investors, governments, consumers and employees are also demanding that companies become more accountable for environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors. Meanwhile, economic and supply chain disruptions continue. Amidst all these factors, the idea of sifting through ever-increasing sustainability developments, requirements and promising technologies is overwhelming.

We've got your back.

Our new TechTarget Sustainability and ESG site serves those who must now work together to understand, choose and optimize technology for sustainability. This wide array of stakeholders includes the following:

  • IT leaders and their teams.
  • Sustainability officers.
  • Supply chain managers.
  • Business, finance and compliance leaders.
  • C-suite executives.

We'll help you understand the evolving role of ESG initiatives, and how they fit into IT and business decision-making and operations. The site will also serve up sustainability content from our experts across the TechTarget Editorial network of sites. You'll get targeted enterprise technology stories, tips, advice, conference coverage, product news and best practice articles.

ESG influences IT

Technology and the IT department have critical roles to play in sustainability efforts. IT leaders will need to help drive product and service development, support organizational ESG goals, and green their own processes and technology choices.

The 2022 survey "The Role of ESG Programs in IT Decision Making" from TechTarget's Enterprise Strategy Group highlights this new focus on sustainability.

  • ESG influences tech buys. Almost all survey respondents -- 93% -- reported that an IT supplier's ESG programs affected their organization's IT product and service purchasing decisions to at least a modest degree.
  • IT buyers use ESG to eliminate choices. Eighty-five percent of respondents have rejected, at least once, a potential IT purchase due to ESG concerns, and 42% said this occurs on a regular basis.
  • ESG goals prompt existing IT reviews. Nearly everyone -- 94% -- said they reviewed their current infrastructure at least once to learn its effect on ESG goals.

Sustainability movement broadening

Environmental sustainability pressures are exponentially gathering force.

The Inflation Reduction Act of 2022, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commissions' proposed climate risk disclosure rule and the European Climate Law are a few major actions that point to a new reality for businesses.

Increasing climate and societal influences point to the need for such actions and drive home the need for everyone to rethink the phrase "business as usual."

Global ESG assets could surpass $50 trillion by 2025, according to Bloomberg Intelligence's "ESG 2021 Midyear Outlook" report.

Keeping track of the endless new developments will be dizzying, much less understanding new technologies and which will drive success.

Keeping track of the endless new developments will be dizzying, much less understanding new technologies and those that will drive success.

AI, analytics, augmented and virtual reality, enterprise resource planning systems and ESG software are just a few of the technologies that will factor into organizations' sustainability efforts. But understanding which technologies help -- and which do more environmental or societal harm -- will be critical. Business and IT leaders will simultaneously need to find easy cost-saving wins, such as greener device management, while supporting the human experience and maintaining business health.

But doing all this is no easy feat.

Dawn of a new age

That's where TechTarget Editorial comes in. Our unbiased and independent approach to information uses seasoned journalists and independent experts to follow market trends by performing deep research, attending conferences, and mining the expertise of top sources and successful users.

We believe 2023 heralds monumental changes.

Earth Day is not just April 22, but every day.

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Diann Daniel is an executive editor in TechTarget Editorial's Enterprise Software and Services Media Group overseeing its Sustainability and ESG, CIO, HR Software, ERP, Disaster Recovery and Data Backup sites.

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