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8 ESG and sustainability conferences to attend in 2024

These sustainability conferences will provide business professionals with the skills they need to adapt to changing sustainability and ESG requirements.

One of the best ways to stay on top of technology trends in any industry is to attend conferences.

At conferences and summits, professionals can gather to share knowledge, display their work and set expectations for the future of their industries. Whether in person or virtual, they also present a prime opportunity for networking with other like-minded professionals.

Sustainability and environmental, social and governance (ESG) is a growing field in which more and more companies are becoming involved. The U.N. Climate Change Conference is perhaps the most important conference in the sustainability and ESG space, where world leaders gather to make decisions about the world's response to the climate crisis. Also known as the Conference of the Parties (COP), past iterations of this event have focused on governing the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and delivering a set of biodiversity goals to be reached by 2050.

Although COP is primarily for world leaders and not business leaders, it is still something business leaders should follow, in part because it sets the tone for other sustainability conferences.

Here are some conferences where you will get access to industry experts and information on this challenging topic.

1. Remade Circular Economy Tech Summit and Conference

When: April 10-11

Where: Washington, D.C.

Cost: $499-$849

This conference aims to advance the national dialogue on approaches to the circular economy and sustainable manufacturing's role in meeting national energy, economic and environmental goals. Some of the specific topics on the agenda include mechanical recycling, circular economy and systems analysis.

Speakers include the following:

  • Stephen Hammer -- CEO, New York Climate Exchange.
  • Carolyn Snyder -- deputy assistant secretary for buildings and industry, United States Department of Energy.
  • Mike Werner -- head of sustainability programs and innovation, Google.

Register for the Remade Circular Economy Tech Summit and Conference here.

2. EarthX 2024

When: April 22-26

Where: Dallas

Cost: $225-$1,500

The EarthX Expo and Congress of Conferences cover several sustainability topics, including the circular economy, nuclear energy, climate action, green debt and conservation.

Keynote speakers include the following:

  • Ivan Carter -- conservationist.
  • U.S. Sen. Kevin Cramer -- North Dakota.
  • Van Jones -- CNN host and political commentator.

Register for EarthX 2024 here.

Three pillars of sustainability graphic.
Businesses achieve sustainability in three core areas: environmental, social and governance.

3. MIT Sustainability Summit: Systems Change

When: April 26

Where: Cambridge, Mass., and virtual

Cost: $30-$225

The MIT Sustainability Summit is a student-run event that seeks to demystify carbon markets for present and future leaders. The summit has three tracks, including biodiversity and agriculture, built environment and transportation.

Speakers include the following:

  • Carlos Alvarado Quesada -- former president of Costa Rica.
  • Sandrine Dixson-Decleve -- president, Club of Rome.
  • Michael Raynor -- managing director, Deloitte.

Register for the MIT Sustainability Summit here.

4. Sustainability Live

When: Sept. 10-11

Where: London

Cost: $503-$758 (converted from British pounds)

Some of the topics at this year's Sustainability Live virtual stage include sustainability and ESG strategies, AI in sustainability, climate change strategies, diversity and inclusion, women in sustainability, net zero circular economies, and supply chain sustainability.

Speakers include the following:

  • Adam Elman -- head of sustainability, EMEA, Google.
  • Shannon Guihan -- chief sustainability officer, The Travel Corporation.
  • Sébastien Pellion -- global head of impact and sustainability, Glovo.
  • Daniel Schmid -- chief sustainability officer, SAP.

Register for Sustainability Live here.

There is also a Sustainability Live New York event happening virtually June 3-5. The virtual event is free.

5. Climate Week NYC 2024

When: Sept. 22-29

Where: New York City

Cost: TBA

Hosted by Climate Group, Climate Week NYC brings together leaders in business, government and the climate community. An agenda and speaker have not yet been announced.

Learn more about Climate Week NYC here.

6. Sustainable Brands 2024

When: Oct. 14-17

Where: San Diego

Cost: $2,495-$4,195

The event will convene a global community of brand leaders to participate in a collection of workshops, breakout sessions, activities and plenaries. Topic tracks include activating brand purpose, shifting customer demand and behavior, transformative governance and metrics, regenerative options and supply chain, and next-generation design and business model innovation.

Speakers have not yet been announced.

Register for Sustainable Brands 2024 here.

7. PSX 2024

When: Oct. 15-17

Where: Denver

Cost: $210-$1,280

Product stewardship is focused on reducing health, safety and environmental impacts of consumer goods throughout the product lifecycle. Past PSX event topics included communicating compliance jargon to executives, ESG disclosure in supply chains and circular economy best practices.

Speakers have not yet been announced.

Register for PSX 2024 here.

8. Verge 24

When: Oct. 29-31

Where: San Jose, Calif.

Cost: $799-$2,475

Verge 24 is an event that focuses on emerging climate tech and how it can be used to address the climate crisis. Programs at the event include buildings, carbon, energy, food, startup and transport.

Speakers have not yet been announced.

Register for Verge 24 here.

Learn how supply chain sustainability software works and how it can be used to boost corporate social responsibility efforts.

Sarah Amsler is a senior managing editor for the Learning Content team at TechTarget.

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