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13 AI conferences to attend in 2024

Stay up to date on the latest trends in AI, and further your understanding of the technology, by attending one of these industry events either in person or virtually.

AI has many practical implications for businesses. For example, virtual assistants, chatbots, retail, inventory management and security systems all use AI.

Like all technology, AI is always evolving and industry conferences offer an excellent way to stay on top of trends such as generative AI. Businesses also need to know how they -- and their competitors -- will use GenAI to improve their processes.

Based on internet research, here are some of the most important AI conferences taking place in 2024, both in person and virtually. Please note that conference prices can fluctuate based on a number of factors, such as early bird registration prices and fluctuations in currency.

1. AI in Finance Summit

When: April 18-19

Where: New York

Cost: $449 for on-demand access; $1,595-$2,695 for in-person event

Where to register:

Description: Topics covered at this event include how to reduce operating costs and improve efficiency using AI, how large language models (LLMs) are transforming the future of financial technology and deploying GenAI in asset management. There will be more than 30 expert speakers from finance and banking, and multiple networking opportunities.

Speakers: Among the speakers are Karamjit Singh, director of AI at Mastercard; Brennan Lodge, head of advanced analytics engines, cybersecurity at HSBC; Nishitha K, vice president at JP Morgan; and John Chan, director of technology, AI/ML at Raymond James.

2. Machine Learning Week

When: June 4-7

Where: Phoenix

Cost: $1,400-$3,900

Where to register:

Description: This conference features keynotes, expert-led sessions and workshops, an exhibit hall and networking opportunities. Some of the topics covered include AI guided domain-specific topic modeling, delivering data science in the real world and assessing resilience using big data and AI.

Speakers: Among the speakers are Bardia Beigi, senior applied scientist at Microsoft; Clinton Brownley, lead data scientist at Tala; Julien Simon, chief evangelist at Hugging Face; and Marina Petzel, machine learning supervisor at Autodesk.

3. AI & Big Data Expo North America

When: June 5-6

Where: Santa Clara, Calif.

Cost: $649-$899

Where to register:

Description: The conference includes presentations, expert panel discussions and in-depth fireside chats. Among the topics covered are enterprise AI, machine learning (ML), security, ethical AI, deep learning, data ecosystems and natural language processing.

Speakers: Among the speakers are Katie Sanders, assistant vice president of technology at Union Pacific Railroad; Jordan Brandt, CEO at Inpher; and Ken Kao, vice president of engineering at Rad AI.

4. Data + AI Summit 2024

When: June 10-13

Where: San Francisco and virtual event

Cost: $1,495-1,895 to attend in person; $425 for half-day training and certification; free virtual pass for keynotes and select session content once the conference is done

Where to register:

Description: The conference includes keynotes, technical sessions, hands-on training and networking opportunities built around several tracks. Topics include AI/ML use cases, data lakehouse architecture, data engineering and streaming, and GenAI.

Speakers: Among the speakers are Ali Ghodsi, CEO at Databricks; and Reynold Xin, chief architect at Databricks.

5. The AI Summit London 2024

When: June 12-13

Where: London at Tobacco Dock

Cost: $31.13-$2,569.41 (price converted from British pounds)

Where to register:

Description: This two-day conference features a large collection of expert speakers, exhibitors, demos and networking opportunities. Some of the topics covered include navigating the ethics of GenAI, decoding AI agility, building LLMs, human-AI collaboration and activating responsible AI in the enterprise.

Speakers: Among the speakers are Asha Saxena, founder and CEO of Women Leaders in Data and AI; Carlos Sentis, CEO at World Innovation Alliance; Detlef Nauck, head of AI and data science research at BT; and Margi Sheth, director of data and AI policy at AstraZeneca.

6. Collision

When: June 17-20

Where: Toronto

Cost: $663.45-$10,489.64 (price converted from Canadian dollars)

Where to register:

Description: While not a purely AI-centric event, Collision touches on the technology in many contexts. The event draws more than 36,000 attendees from 118 countries. There are more than 15 different content tracks with themes including "AI Academy," "Machine," "SaaS Monster" and "Startup University."

Speakers: Among the speakers are Maya Kulycky, vice president of strategy and operations at Google; Morgan McGuire, chief scientist at Roblox; Ce Zhang, CTO at Together AI; and Vinod Khosla, founder at Khosla Ventures.

7. Data Science Salon NYC

When: June 18

Where: New York and virtual event

Cost: $523.22 early bird general admission pass; $734.22 general admission pass

Where to register:

Description: Data Science Salon NYC focuses on AI and ML applications in finance and technology. The event features more than 15 speakers covering a mix of technical talks, use cases and panel conversations. Finance topics include deep neural networks, personalization at scale with AI, ML best practices and cloud automation and machine learning.

Speakers: Speakers include Harry Mendell, data architect in the AI group at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York; Iro Tasitsiomi, head of investment data science at T. Rowe Price; Andrey Pakhomov, product manager at S&P Global; Claudia Pereira Johnson, head of marketplace search and personalization at Nubank; and Ranjeeta Bhattacharya, senior data scientist at BNY Mellon.

8. IEEE Conference on Artificial Intelligence

When: June 25-27

Where: Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

Cost: $338.15-$1,164.73 (price converted from Singapore dollars)

Where to register:

Description: The event is sponsored by the IEEE, IEEE Computational Intelligence Society, IEEE Systems, Man and Cybernetics Society, IEEE Signal Processing Society and the IEEE Computer Society. The program is still in the planning stages but will focus on the applications of AI in specific industry applications, as well as breakthroughs in AI technology.

Speakers: The keynote speakers include Stefan Menzel, chief scientist at Honda Research Institute Europe; Klaus-Robert Müller, professor of computer science at Technische Universität Berlin; and Qiang Yang, chair professor of the computer science engineering department at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

9. Ai4 2024

When: Aug. 12-14

Where: Las Vegas

Cost: $1,495

Where to register:

Description: Ai4 brings together industry experts to discuss AI and ML. There are a number of cross-industry tracks, including AI ethics and alignment, AI governance, regulation and compliance, AI transformation, data strategy, GenAI, productivity tools and the social impact of AI.

Speakers: Among the speakers are Ron Whitworth, chief privacy officer at Truist; Lambert Hogenhout, chief data, analytics and emerging technologies officer at the United Nations; and Jing Wang, chief analytics officer at Vanguard.

10. IntelliSys 2024

When: Sept. 5-6

Where: Amsterdam and virtual

Cost: $514.41-$643.02 for virtual access; $643.02-$835.92 for in-person event (converted from British pounds and does not include 20% tax)

Where to register:

Description: This event features sessions led by industry experts, presentations by researchers from more than 50 countries and networking opportunities. There will be four conference tracks, including AI, computer vision, robotics and intelligent systems.

Speakers: Keynote speakers include Mark Salisbury, a computer scientist, professor, author and consultant; and Wenwu Wang, professor in signal processing and machine learning at the University of Surrey.

11. Generative AI World 2024

When: Oct. 7-8

Where: Boston

Cost: $1,595-$2,595

Where to register:

Description: Hear from more than 50 AI experts, attend breakout sessions and network with likeminded individuals. Some general session topics include top security and compliance risks with AI IP and government regulation; and how AI is transforming marketing.

Speakers: Speakers include Rudina Seseri, founding and managing partner at Glasswing Ventures; John Sviokla, co-founder at GAI Insights; Ramesh Raskar, associate director at MIT Media Lab; Thomas Kingsley, assistant professor of medicine and biomedical informatics at the Mayo Clinic; and Pankaj Dugar, senior vice president and general manager, North America at A21 Labs.

12. AI for Marketers Summit

When: Nov. 13-14

Where: Virtual

Cost: $349-$749

Where to register:

Description: Attendees will learn about the latest marketing AI tools at this conference. Learn how GenAI can create personalized content for your targeted audiences and hear from experts in the field.

Speakers: Speakers TBA.

13. The AI Summit New York 2024

When: Dec. 11-12

Where: New York City

Cost: Not yet announced

Where to register:

Description: There will be more than 200 sessions discussing trends, failures and successes, as well as networking opportunities.

Speakers: Speakers TBA.

Industry conferences aren't the only training opportunities for those looking to further their careers in AI. Explore AI certifications and courses and learn how to decide whether a certification or degree is best for you.

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