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11 AI conferences to attend in 2023

Stay up to date on the latest trends in AI by attending one of these events.

AI has many practical implications for businesses. For example, virtual assistants, chatbots, retail, inventory management and security systems all use AI.

Like all technology, AI is ever changing. Industry conferences offer an excellent way to stay on top of AI trends.

One of the biggest AI trends this year was generative AI, in part thanks to the release of ChatGPT. Businesses need to know how they -- and their competitors -- will use generative AI.

Here are some of the most exciting and important AI conferences taking place in 2023, both online and in person.

1. AI in Finance Summit

When: April 20-21

Where: New York

Cost: $495-$2,295

Where to register:

Topics covered at this event include the future of AI in finance, fraud detection, customer-centric finance, AI regulations and implementing AI in business. There will be two personalized tracks, expert speakers from finance and banking, and multiple networking opportunities.

Speakers include the following:

  • Suresh Ande -- director of global markets and risk analytics at Bank of America Merrill Lynch.
  • John Chan -- director of technology, AI/ML at Raymond James.
  • Henry Ehrenberg -- co-founder of Snorkel AI.
  • Ramin Hasani -- principal AI and machine learning scientist at Vanguard.
  • Ercan Ucak -- vice president at Cerberus Capital Management.

2. Data Science Salon

When: June 7-8

Where: New York and virtual event

Cost: $695 in-person; $245 virtual

Where to register:

DSS New York has two tracks for which to register -- one for applying AI and ML to finance and technology and another for AI in media and advertising. Each event features more than 15 speakers covering a mix of technical talks, use cases and panel conversations. Speakers have not yet been announced. Finance topics include synthetic data, data science in credit analytics and the future of virtual assistants. Media topics include operationalizing generative AI, building a culture around accelerated AI adoption and building recommendation systems.

Speakers include:

  • Bob Bress -- vice president of data science at Freewheel.
  • Shi Shi -- director of data science at TripleLift.
  • Katerina Zanos -- senior software engineer of ML at Meta.
  • Ruixin Zheng -- lead marketing analytics at DirecTV.

3. The AI Summit London 2023

When: June 14-15

Where: London

Cost: $0-$2,388.30 (price converted from British pounds and does not include 20% tax)

Where to register:

This two-day conference will feature a large collection of expert speakers, exhibitors, demos and networking opportunities. Some of the topics covered include ChatGPT's realistic impact on business, response to the EU's AI laws and a breakdown of the industries reaping the benefits of AI.

Speakers include the following:

  • Lisa Allen -- director of data and services at the Open Data Institute.
  • Massimo Belloni -- data science manager at Bumble.
  • Christian Hull -- AI engagement strategy, advanced digital solutions at BNY Mellon.
  • Romeo Radanyi -- director of quantum architecture at Moody's Analytics.
  • Paul Simmonds -- CEO of The Global Identity Foundation.

4. Deep Learning World

When: June 18-22

Where: Las Vegas

Cost: $1,695-$2,095

Where to register:

This conference will feature expert-led sessions, an exhibit hall and networking opportunities. Some of the topics covered will be deep learning in practice, predictive analytics and maturing AI governance to accommodate generative AI.

Speakers include the following:

  • Sami Ghoche -- co-founder and CTO of Forethought.
  • Chip Huyen -- co-founder of Claypot AI.
  • Vanja Josifovski -- CEO and co-founder of Kumo.
  • Hien Luu -- senior engineering manager at DoorDash.
  • Ankita Mangal -- senior data scientist at Albertsons.

5. Data + AI Summit 2023

When: June 26-29

Where: San Francisco and virtual event

Cost: $1,295-$1,795 in person; free online

Where to register:

There will be keynotes, technical sessions, hands-on training and networking opportunities built around several tracks. Topics include data analytics, business intelligence and visualization; data engineering; data lakes, data warehouses and data lakehouses; data science, machine learning and MLOps; and data security.

Speakers will include the following:

  • Ajmal Aziz -- solutions architect at Databricks.
  • Maria Daibert – data platform product manager at AB Inbev.
  • Arthur Li -- senior software engineer at Instacart.
  • Satyah Nadella -- chairman and CEO of Microsoft
  • Praveen Vemulapalli -- director of technology at AT&T.

6. Collision

When: June 26-29

Where: Toronto

Cost: $495-$10,389 (price converted from Canadian dollars)

Where to register:

While not a purely AI-centric event, Collision touches on AI in many contexts. The event draws more than 40,000 attendees from 140 countries. There are more than 20 different content tracks with themes including auto-tech, content makers and corporate innovation.

Speakers will include the following:

  • Lindsay Kaplan -- co-founder of Chief.
  • Max Lytvyn -- co-founder of Grammarly.
  • Barr Moses -- co-founder and CEO at Monte Carlo.
  • Dave Rogenmoser -- co-founder and CEO at Jasper.
  • David Singleton -- CTO at Stripe.

7. Ai4 2023

When: Aug. 7-9

Where: Las Vegas

Cost: $1,095

Where to register:

Ai4 brings together industry experts to discuss AI and machine learning. There will be several technical tracks, including model interpretability, explainable AI, data privacy and security, productionizing your model, dealing with biased data sets, cloud vs. local environment, unstructured data, deep learning, dealing with legacy systems and reinforcement learning.

Speakers include the following:

  • Gregory Brown -- vice president of the Global Advanced Technology Group at UPS.
  • Emad Mostaque -- founder and CEO of Stability AI.
  • Christina Noble -- chief growth officer at Sonora Quest Laboratories.
  • Aleena Taufiq -- senior data scientist at Verizon.
  • Arun Verma -- head of quantitative research solutions at Bloomberg LP.

8. IntelliSys 2023

When: Sept. 7-8

Where: Amsterdam and virtual

Cost: $362-$783 (converted from British pounds and does not include 20% tax)

Where to register:

This event will feature sessions led by industry experts, presentations by researchers from more than 50 countries and networking opportunities. There will be four conference tracks, including AI, machine vision, robotics and ambient intelligence.

Speakers will include the following:

  • Taco Cohen -- ML researcher at Qualcomm AI research.
  • Mehdi Dastani – professor of AI and chair of the Intelligent Systems group of the department of Information and Computing Sciences at Utrecht University.
  • Arne Hamann – chief expert of distributed intelligent systems at Bosch Research.

9. Big Data and AI Toronto

When: Oct. 18-19

Where: Toronto

Cost: $750, free attendance for the Expo

Where to register:

This event brings together big data, AI, cloud and cybersecurity. Some of the topics include the AI dominance determining the next global power; preparing greener tech for future regulations and pushing the limits of neuroscience with new datasets.

Speakers will include the following:

  • Gavin Fan -- head of ML and data science at Restaurant Brands International.
  • Sasha Fay -- director of digital analytics at OLG.
  • Dimitri Jankovic -- global head of data and AI strategy at Sanofi.
  • David Messer -- executive director of the Smart Cities Office at the City of Guelph.
  • Delia Shanshal -- senior developer of data science at Bell.

10. AI for Marketers Summit

When: Nov. 15-16

Where: Virtual

Cost: $349-$749

Where to register:

Attendees will learn about the latest marketing AI tools at this conference. Learn how generative AI can create personalized content for your targeted audiences and hear from experts in the field.

Speakers include the following:

  • Manail Anis -- technology ethics lecturer, Princeton University.
  • Lynn Fischer -- chief marketing officer, XO.
  • Frank Gregory -- social intelligence lead at Nestle.
  • Tuck Ross -- senior vice president, Synchrony.

    11. The AI Summit New York 2023

    When: Dec. 6-7

    Where: New York

    Cost: $999, free attendance for the Expo

    Where to register:

    There will be more than 200 sessions discussing trends, failures and successes. There will also be many networking opportunities. 

    Speakers include the following:

    • Rohan Doctor -- managing director at Goldman Sachs.
    • Seth Dobrin -- president of the Responsible AI Institute.
    • Srini Kandala head of AI -- technology and online business at Sears/Kmart.
    • Kamayini Kaul -- digital data and analytics executive at CSL Behring.

    Industry conferences aren't the only training opportunities for those looking to further their careers in AI. Here are 10 AI certifications and courses. Read more here to decide whether a certification or degree is best for you.

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