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8 AI conferences to attend in 2022

Stay up to date on the latest trends in AI by attending one of these events.

AI has many practical implications for businesses. For example, virtual assistants, chatbots, retail, inventory management and security systems all use AI.

And, like all technology, AI is ever changing. Industry conferences offer an excellent way to stay on top of AI trends.

Here are some of the most exciting and important AI conferences taking place in 2022, both online and in person.

1. The AI Summit London 2022

When: June 15-16

Where: London

Cost: $619-$2,622 (converted from British pounds and does not include 20% value-added tax)

Where to register:

This event will feature more than 150 expert speakers, 100 exhibitors, demos and ample networking opportunities.

Speakers include the following:

  • Tom Allen, founder of The AI Journal
  • Ebtesam Almazrouei, director of AI at Technology Innovation Institute
  • Siva Chamarti, head of machine learning engineering at Shell
  • Toju Duke, program manager of responsible AI at Google
  • Claire Lebarz, head of guest data science at Airbnb

2. Deep Learning World

When: June 19-24

Where: Las Vegas

Cost: $1,895-$2,095

Where to register:

This conference will feature expert-led sessions, an exhibit hall and networking opportunities.

Speakers include the following:

  • Dean Abbott, co-founder and chief data scientist at Wunderkind
  • Clinton Brownley, data scientist at Meta
  • James McCaffrey, research scientist engineer at Microsoft
  • Taesik Na, senior machine learning engineer at Instacart
  • Xin Wang, machine vision manager at Shell

3. Data + AI Summit 2022

When: June 27-30

Where: San Francisco and virtual event

Cost: $350-$1,550 in person; free online

Where to register:

There will be keynotes, technical sessions, hands-on training and networking opportunities built around several tracks, including data analytics, business intelligence and visualization; data engineering; data lakes, data warehouses and data lakehouses; data science, machine learning and MLOps; and data security and governance.

Speakers include the following:

  • Zhamak Dehghani, director of emerging technologies at Thoughtworks
  • Ali Ghodsi, co-founder and CEO at Databricks
  • Christopher Manning, director at Stanford Artificial Intelligence Laboratory
  • Andrew Ng, founder and CEO at Landing AI and founder of DeepLearning.AI
  • Brooke Wenig, director of machine learning practice at Databricks

4. Ai4 2022

When: Aug. 16-18

Where: Las Vegas

Cost: $795

Where to register:

Ai4 brings together industry experts to discuss AI and machine learning. There will be several technical tracks, including model interpretability, explainable AI, data privacy and security, productionizing your model, dealing with biased data sets, cloud vs. local environment, unstructured data, deep learning, dealing with legacy systems and reinforcement learning.

Speakers include the following:

  • Sri Ambati, CEO and co-founder of
  • Benjamin Harvey, founder at CEO at AI Squared
  • Mark Kanner, principal data scientist at UnitedHealthcare
  • Chiara Piccinotti, vice president of data science and business strategy at Amazon Twitch

5. IntelliSys 2022

When: Sept. 1-2

Where: Amsterdam and virtual event

Cost: $624 in person; $375 online (converted from British pounds and does not include 20% value-added tax)

Where to register:

This event will feature sessions led by industry experts, presentations by researchers from more than 50 countries and networking opportunities. There will be four conference tracks, including AI, machine vision, robotics and ambient intelligence.

Keynote speakers include the following:

  • Andy D. Pimentel, professor at University of Amsterdam
  • Edward Ashford Lee, professor of electrical engineering and computer sciences at University of California, Berkeley

6. Big Data and AI Toronto

When: Oct. 6-7

Where: Toronto

Cost: Registration is not yet open, so check the conference website for pricing.

Where to register:

This event brings together big data, AI, cloud and cybersecurity. There will be more than 250 presentations and 100 exhibitors.

Speakers include the following:

  • Claire-Isabelle Carlier, data scientist at Canada Post
  • Tejas Chopra, senior software engineer at Netflix
  • Sasha Fay, director of data science at Cineplex Digital Media
  • Nadeem Fazil, director of data science at Loblaws
  • Ari Kamlani, senior AI solutions architect and data scientist at Beyond Limits

Other 2022 technology conferences

AI isn't the only industry that provides user conferences to stay abreast of trends. Here are some other technology events to keep on your radar:

7. AI for Good Summit

When: Nov. 10-11

Where: Seattle

Cost: Registration is not yet open, so check the conference website for pricing.

Where to register:

Topics covered at this event include the future of education, sustainability, healthcare, ethics, machine learning, deep learning, robotics, AI for good, climate change, disaster preparedness, disease prediction and waste reduction.

Speakers include the following:

  • Joshua Achiam, research scientist at OpenAI
  • Anna Bethke, principal AI ethics data scientist at Salesforce
  • Carla Bromberg, program lead for AI for Social Good at Google
  • Devin Krotman, director at Xprize
  • Alice Xiang, heads of AI ethics office at Sony Group and senior research scientist at Sony AI

8. The AI Summit New York 2022

When: Dec. 7-8

Where: New York City

Cost: Registration is not yet open, so check the conference website for pricing.

Where to register:

There will be more than 200 sessions, discussing trends, failures and successes. There will also be many networking opportunities.

Industry conferences aren't the only training opportunities for those looking to further their careers in AI. Here are 10 AI certifications and courses. Read more here to decide whether a certification or degree is best for you.

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